Semiconductor epoxy resin mold composites launched

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Germany launches semiconductor epoxy resin mold composites

Germany launches semiconductor epoxy resin mold composites

on May 11, 2005

German Henkel technologies launched semiconductor epoxy resin mold composites designed for the commercial application of laminated SIP (system level packaging). This new advanced semiconductor packaging material, named "hysol & reggr9810", is a technologically advanced epoxy resin mold composite, which is specially used for overmolding of more reliable array packaging of various laminated molds, including SIP and flip chip array packaging, which are generally filled at the bottom. The research and development of cathode materials has become the key to restrict the large-scale promotion and utilization of such materials. Because the product has outstanding flat characteristics, the whole package can be processed in a non bending state, so that the subsequent processes in the manufacturing process can be minimized, so as to obtain a higher production line with few channels to participate in the terminal yield. The material has ultra-low warpage, can be filled with small IC and passive components from the bottom, and has excellent adhesion to a variety of laminations. 1. Chinese paper industry enterprises expand the substrate on the loss side. In addition, the material is a green (antimony free/bromine free/phosphorus free) mold composite, which can meet the JEDEC Level 2 requirements at a reflux temperature of 260 ℃

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