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Asia 2 Sellers in the lever drive system pure benzene market are optimistic about September and October futures

Asian pure benzene: the purchase interest continues to rise, driving the price 1. The narrow range of speed regulation continues to rise by $5/ton. The trend of upstream crude oil and naphtha fell sharply. Most buyers continue to be interested in the shipment in September, and the intention of opening and submitting is strong, but the seller expects the price to continue to rise and refuses to ship. Although the overall demand and supply remain unchanged, sellers still believe that the price will rise under the continuous influence of engines in the U.S. refinery parking industry. In major U.S. markets, prices soared in September and October. On July 25, prices in the United States rose 21 cents/gallon to 372 in September 75 cents/gallon, about equivalent to US dollars/ton. In October, the price increased by 23 cents/gallon to us cents/gallon FOB Gulf Asia south, equivalent to US dollars/ton. Within days, the best offer/offer in September is FOB Korea in USD/T, from citichem and JJ. Upstream, the price of light and low sulfur crude oil in New York fell by $1.84/barrel to $73.6/barrel in September. Naphtha prices fell $17.125/ton to $641/ton CFR Japan

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