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Reminder: quantitatively packaged goods will also be short weight

quantitatively packaged goods will also be short weight, because most consumers still "suffer silently" because they believe in "quantitative"

on the morning of January 6, Ms. Zhao of Kuiwen District, Weifang City bought 10kg seafood in quantitative packaging in a shopping mall on Xinhua Road. Because of its high price, she was afraid of insufficient weight. Ms. Zhao took it to the scale of the shopping mall and found that the scale was short of more than 900 grams, of which a bag of seafood with a net weight of 450 grams was weighed less than 400 grams together with the packaging bag. After negotiation, the mall compensated Ms. Zhao for the shortage of seafood

it is common to find that "quantitative" packaged food cannot be quantified in several shopping malls in Weifang City

it was learned from the Weifang Bureau of Metrology and technology supervision that in a previous random inspection of ten categories of quantitatively packaged goods in some shopping malls in Weifang, it was found that the pass rate was 87%. These ten categories of commodities are tea, snacks, wine, instant noodles, condiments, beverages, washing products, cosmetics, seafood and frozen food. Among them, the qualified rate of cosmetics, washing products and beverages is more than 96%. The hardware of the experimental machine needs to be updated for a long time. The qualified rate of seafood, frozen food and tea is less than 85%, while the qualified rate of small food is less than 75%

in the inspection, it was also found that only 33 of the 44 shopping malls and supermarkets that were inspected had established a purchase acceptance system for quantitatively packaged goods

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