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"Fuxing" marked a new height made in China

competing with the wind and flying on land. On June 25, the "Fuxing" China standard EMU, which is independently developed by China and has completely independent intellectual property rights, was officially named and will be put into operation on the Beijing Shanghai line on June 26. This marks that China's high-speed rail has taken a key step of "catching up to leading", and China's railway technology and equipment manufacturing has ushered in a new era

every Chinese has reason to be proud of the development of high-speed rail industry. Just five years ago, high-speed rail was also jokingly called a luxury of "transporting chairs", but now, it does happen from time to time, and it has already become a necessity for people to travel. From the Lanzhou Xinjiang high-speed railway crossing the northern wind area to the Harbin Dalian high-speed railway galloping the snow sea in the Northeast; Until the hardness value obtained for two consecutive times is the same, from the Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway winding the mountains and rivers in the south of the five ridges to the Qingrong Intercity Railway surrounding the Jiaodong Peninsula, the core technology of rail transit equipment has been constantly broken through in the past five years, and China's high-speed railway has become larger and larger, and the number of trains has become denser and denser. With the main framework of "four vertical and four horizontal" high-speed rail basically completed, more and more people enjoy the "high-speed rail dividend". Last year alone, 1.443 billion passengers were sent by EMUs, which is equivalent to helping the total population of Africa and South America move their homes once. From scratch, to the longest mileage, the largest number of multiple units and the largest scale of safe transportation, the development of high-speed rail has made China smaller and travel more convenient

high speed rail not only "shrinks" China, but also connects the world. Not long ago, young people from 20 countries along the "the Belt and Road" selected China's "new four inventions" in their hearts, and high-speed rail ranked first, becoming the "Chinese specialty" they most want to bring back to their country. In fact, China's high-speed rail has never stopped going out. Turkey's Anyi high-speed railway, Indonesia's yavan high-speed railway, Russia's Mocha high-speed railway... In just a few years, China's high-speed railway cooperation has blossomed everywhere. With leading technology, excellent quality and high-quality service, high-speed rail has become a shining business card of "made in China"

ten years of hard work, once amazing. The high-speed railway brings us not only changes in the concept of time and space, reconstruction of the economic landscape, but also valuable spiritual wealth

taking the high-speed railway as a mirror, we have honed our independent innovation character of hard training internal skills. More than a decade ago, high-speed rail technology was still in the hands of a few developed countries. China broke through the technological blockade, overtaking in corners and catching up from behind, relying on independent innovation. From vehicle to line, from braking to communication signal, if there is no technology, it will be introduced, digested and absorbed from abroad; Foreign countries are unwilling to provide core technology, so they are determined to tackle key problems. Step by step, China's high-speed rail enterprises have worked hard and achieved the Chinese people's dream of taking off the high-speed rail industry. At present, China's economy is at a critical moment of transformation and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency. We should firmly grasp the "bull nose" of innovation. The development of high-speed rail industry has enhanced our confidence and provided enlightenment

taking the high-speed railway as a mirror, we cultivate the craftsmanship spirit of striving for perfection in a big country. Needless to say, China Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes you to our company to visit the production and manufacturing of products. We have faced such embarrassment: we are known as the world's factory and a large manufacturing country, but ordinary people are willing to go abroad to rush to buy ordinary daily necessities such as thermos cups, rice cookers, toilet covers, etc. The Phoenix Nirvana process of China's railway provides a useful reference for the breakthrough of made in China. In the past, there was "no need to fight for every minute, and it doesn't matter from inch to inch", but now the inspection standard is accurate to 0.01 mm; It used to be "it's OK to use", but now in order to break through the key technology of the collision safety protection system, 18 conceptual models have been made. After nearly 100 times of simulation calculation and experimental verification, the result data generated by simulation calculation alone is as high as 5000g. Decoding the deep password of the success of China's high-speed railway, the quality consciousness of winning by excellence, and the craftsman spirit of excellence are the most important keywords. This is the secret of China's high-speed rail coming from behind, and it is also the indispensable internal support for made in China to move towards the middle and high end

look up and feel the green mountains. It is advisable to take advantage of the east wind and horseshoe disease. The departure of "Fuxing" brings us to a new key intersection. "Promote the transformation from made in China to created in China, from Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and from Chinese products to Chinese brands". This historical opportunity helps to reduce costs and reduce the weight of cars. We can't and won't miss it

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