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Reminder: when buying boxed gifts on the street, you should carefully check the packaging

when visiting patients or relatives and friends, bring a few boxes of beautifully packaged boxed gifts, which is convenient and decent. However, due to the low transparency of boxed gifts, which are still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development, and those who buy them at the same time pay little attention to their internal quality, some illegal operators take the opportunity to trade inferior gifts for good ones, and harm consumers with less and more

the relevant person in charge of Lixia Administration for Industry and Commerce reminded consumers to try to choose reputable shopping malls or supermarkets to buy gifts. If they buy gifts at the kiosks around the hospital, they should carefully check whether the upper and lower seals of the packaging box have opening traces, and pay attention to the identification of shelf life, origin, ingredients and so on. When buying fruit baskets, try to buy and install them as soon as possible, and ask for shopping vouchers for the convenience of safeguarding rights

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