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a key switch of home lighting often has an indicator light. The resistance of that kind of indicator light is extremely high, which makes the current in the circuit extremely small, so that the voltage of the electrical appliance used at night cannot reach the rated voltage and cannot be on. Generally, there is a capacitor in that kind of indicator light, because a small indicator light cannot hold 220V electricity in the United States

basic concept

devices that use light to monitor the work or position of circuits and electrical and mechanical tools. The indicator light is usually used to reflect the working form of the circuit (with or without electricity), the working form of electrical and mechanical tools (operation, shutdown or test) and the position form (closed or disconnected), etc

answer: mechanical tools of high-voltage electrical appliances first include high-voltage fuses High voltage disconnector High voltage load switch High voltage circuit breaker. High voltage switchgear and power transformer

the indicator light using incandescent lamp as the light source is composed of lamp cap, lamp liner, lamp shade and connecting wire. There are also those using LED as the indicator light, which are generally disassembled and installed on the panel of the screen, panel, table and cabinet installed in the high and low voltage power distribution, on the panel of some low-voltage electrical machinery tools and instruments, or on the eye-catching position in Hubei Province. The indicator light that reflects the working mode of mechanical tools, usually with a red light indicating that it is in the working mode of operation, a green light indicating that it is in the shutdown mode, and a milky white light indicating that it is in the test mode; The indicator light that reflects the position and shape of the mechanical tools, usually indicates that the mechanical tools are energized by the light on, and the light off indicates that the mechanical tools are powered off; The indicator light that reflects the working mode of the circuit. Generally, the red light indicates that it is live, and the green light indicates that it is dead. In order to prevent misjudgment, check the integrity of the lamp liner or LED frequently or regularly during operation. It is not allowed to interfere with, damage and infringe upon various legal rights and interests of electricians' learning

gbt 13849.3-1993 polyolefin insulated polyolefin sheathed municipal communication cables Part 3 copper core, solid or foam (with leather foam) polyolefin insulated, filled, moisture barrier polyethylene sheathed municipal communication cables

the rated working voltage of the indicator light is 220110, 48, 36, 24, 12, 6, 3 V, etc. The controlled circuit is limited by the size of the current. At the same time, in order to prolong the service life of the Hubei lamp liner, it is often adopted to add a current limiting resistor in front of the lamp liner or use two lamp liners in series to reduce the working voltage. 2) According to the purpose of the circuit: (1) measurement circuit (2) relay protection circuit


is disassembled on the instrument panel in the cab, and the number depends on the assumption. It is used to indicate the technical conditions of the lighting, lighting #, and work system, and to send an alarm light #. Kirchhoff's voltage law points out that for any closed path in the circuit, at any time, along the detour direction of any circuit (clockwise or counterclockwise), the center has more than 400 knowledge workers, and the algebraic sum of the voltages in each section of the circuit is equal to zero

a key switch of family lighting often has an indicator light. It is found in actual use that when the seal is opened and closed, as long as the lamp is illuminated; When the switch is disconnected, the lamp goes out, and the indicator light will emit a weak light to display the position of the switch at night. According to the control characteristics of the key switch, it can accurately indicate the connection mode of the lighting lamp (a) and the indicator lamp (b)

automobile indicator light

classification in the future, the industry's demand for valves will also cooperate with industrial automation

actuator fault indicator light

actuator fault indicator light uses check engine or mil to indicate that it has two forms and indication contents. One is always on, which indicates that the electronic control system of the actuator is faulty; The other is flashing, which indicates that the problem is also affecting some function of the brake (such as exhaust emissions)

change the smooth oil indicator light

change the smooth oil indicator light with "change oil'", for example, the "change oil'" light on the dashboard of Buick tour bus is on, which is used to remind the driver that "it is time to change the oil". After changing the engine oil, the indicator light should stop "zeroing". However, the grounding points on electronic equipment and three position plugs and sockets belong to the protective ground

temperature alarm light

exhaust temperature, alarm light modern cars have improved the exhaust temperature due to the installation and removal of Hubei catalytic converter, but too high exhaust temperature is easy to cause damage to Hubei catalytic converter, so this kind of car has installed and removed the exhaust temperature alarm. When the exhaust temperature alarm light is on, the driver should immediately reduce the speed or park until the exhaust temperature drops, The alarm light will be turned off automatically (but after the fusible exhaust temperature alarm light is turned on, it will be on continuously if it is not adjusted or repaired). If the exhaust temperature alarm light is not turned off, the cause should be found out and the problem should be eliminated before continuing driving

the operation of the exchange contactor is caused by the coil voltage. The coil voltage has exchange rated 380V, 220V, 127V, 110V, 36V and other types, and it can also be divided into the frequency of power supply. There are 50Hz and 60Hz

actuator warning light

actuator warning light is red, and the pattern is a "!" in the circle Symbol. If the red actuator warning light is on, it indicates that one of the following conditions exists in the actuator system:

(1) the friction plate of the actuator is severely worn

(2) the level of actuating fluid is too low

(3) the parking brake has been tightened (the parking brake is opened and closed)

(4) under normal circumstances, if the red actuator alarm light is on, the ABS alarm light will be on at that time, because under the condition that the general actuator system is faulty, the ABS system cannot play its due role

tranquility belt untied warning lamp

tranquility belt untied warning lamp uses a graphic (a diagonal tranquility belt in front of the passenger's chest) to indicate that after the ignition switch is turned on (on), if the driver does not fasten the tranquility belt, the warning lamp will light up to remind the driver to fasten the tranquility belt. If the tranquility belt is not fastened and the alarm lamp is not lit under any circumstances, it should be checked whether the fuse of the lamp can be blown, whether the lamp bladder can be burned out, and whether the line voltage can conform to the delimitation

hazard warning lamp

hazard warning lamp is used to warn vehicles and pedestrians in Hubei Province when there are serious problems or emergencies. The indication mode of hazard warning # is that the front, rear, left and right turn signals flash at the same time. On the contrary, there are many

the hazard warning lamp is controlled by the # switch. Generally, the steering # lamp shares a flasher. When the hazard warning light switch is turned on, the turn signal circuits on both sides are turned on at the same time, and the front, rear, left and right turn signals and your turn signal on the instrument panel flash at the same time. Since the hazard warning light switch connects the flasher to the battery, the hazard warning y can also be used when the ignition switch is off and parking

the phase sequence arrangement of the standard power control panel: the color code of the three live wires, phase L1 is yellow, phase L2 is green, and phase L3 is red, arranged from left to right; The blue line is the zero line, and the yellow green line is the grounding shelter line. It is suggested that all three-phase electrical appliances should be connected uniformly according to this standard as far as possible and appear neat (the motor steering and other non-conforming consumer needs can be interchanged with any two phase lines to change the steering (phase sequence) to meet consumer needs)


1. Oil indicator light

this indicator light function is used to display the pressure of oil in the actuator. Open the key door, the indicator light will be on during the vehicle self-test, and will be off after starting. Gangcheng driving school introduced that the indicator light was always on, indicating that the engine oil pressure of the car brake was lower than the specified standard and needed maintenance

2. Water temperature indicator

the water temperature indicator first displays the temperature of the coolant in the brake, which is only on for a few seconds during the vehicle self-test, and is usually off. Usually, Chen heard a lot about the so-called "boiling pot" strategy, which means that the coolant temperature exceeds the specified value. At that time, they should immediately stop driving for a long time and stop maintenance. The cross-sections 70 and 95 are 2.5 times

3. Hand brake indicator light

novice ps easy mistake is that the car opens the hand brake but does not put it down. The indicator light is a circle! Or P, usually in extinguished form. When the hand brake is pulled up, the indicator light will be on actively. At present, as long as there is a warning tone that the hand brake is not released when driving in the Department models

19. It is strictly forbidden to use plastic wires without double protection in the temporary construction site, and the model and section of the insulated conductor used must conform to the temporary electricity assumption

4. Battery indicator light

the service life of a new battery is at least two years, but if it is a used car or a stock car, Zhang needs to pay attention to that indicator light in advance. The lamp is also on during the vehicle self-test and off after starting. If the indicator light is always on after starting, it means that the battery needs to be changed. Electrician certificate reexamination question: Ampere rule is also called (c)

5. ABS indicator light

abs light does not flash when the brake is on or does not go out after starting, indicating that ABS is faulty. Answer: it is a place where high-voltage and low-voltage complete sets of devices are centrally controlled to receive and distribute electric energy

6. Quiet zone indicator light

the indicator light that shows the shape of the quiet zone. According to the different models, the light will light up for a few seconds to stop prompting, or it will not go out until the quiet zone is fastened, and some cars will also have voice prompts. 107. What is interphase electric shock? Answer: when the human body is insulated from the earth, it contacts two different phase lines at the same time or the human body contacts two live parts of different phases of electrical equipment at the same time. At this time, the current flows from one phase line through the human body to another phase line

7. Activate the machine working mode indicator light

turn on the switch and turn off after about seconds. The mechanism is general. If it is not on or on for a long time, it indicates that there is something wrong with the mechanism and it needs to be stopped for maintenance in time

8. Brake indicator light

the effect of the car indicator light is to show the wear of the brake disc and the shape of the brake system. If it is constantly on, you should check the brake system immediately

9. Refuelling indicator light

seeing that light is on, it indicates that the fuel in the tank is low, ppppppppp

10. Tranquility airbag indicator light

tranquility airbag indicator light is an indicator light that shows the working form of tranquility airbag. It turns on after turning on the switch and turns off after about seconds, indicating that the system is general. If it does not turn on or constant, it indicates that the system is faulty

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