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Remote transmission technology: forge ahead in 2017 and 2018

1 Robot family

2 new products

intelligent voice interactive products, tianshenggu cloud crowdsourcing platform

3 national invention patents

power failure cause recognition system based on text analysis,

intelligent seating system Call center multi factor traffic prediction method

8 Enterprise honors

software enterprise with the most investment and development potential

National e-mail can't get accurate experimental results at present. Excellent enterprises in the industry, the most potential enterprises

Zhejiang artificial intelligence list, the most innovative enterprises

CT1 Choose the right heating device I recommendation award robot

Yangtze River Delta three integration innovation product award zhilianke

Zhejiang Enterprise Research Institute

Chairman Xu Lixin won the

new Zhejiang businessmen in science and technology, Zhejiang businessmen artificial intelligence leader

accurate orientation, stable and we can win


find a way to smart service

all media intelligent customer contact platform 5.0.20

intelligent quality inspection analysis 5.0.40

u customer 2.0

iterative upgrading of smart series products

the fourth world interconnection conference

release the great power of the team

smart, enjoy smart future self organized conference

one brain + n platforms

form core competitiveness with smart technology

let customers feel the temperature of service

various events have attracted the attention of leaders

also! have What

ah? Don't go! There's more


new customers, Kaka

Guosen Securities, Bank of Texas, Huishang bank

hangran group, Qinshan nuclear power station, haoyigou

Jiuyang, tuniu, oppo, Changjiang automobile

Meikang biology, Jiuli group, Zhejiang Provincial Commission of economy and information technology

Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, Hangzhou Xiacheng public security branch

outlook 2018

strive to become a leader in smart service technology

more professional, more efficient More powerful

collectivization, platformization, building a remote ecosystem

ingenuity and cohesion, and climb the peak

forge ahead and create the future intelligently

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