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The plastic packaging industry urgently needs to break the foreign monopoly

a bottle of Evian mineral water and a bottle of ordinary mineral water. Even without knowing the price of both, you can guess which bottle is more expensive. Yes, it depends on the texture of mineral water bottles

although there is no public information to confirm that the packaging bottle of a bottle of mineral water accounts for a large proportion of its cost, relevant insiders said that nearly 1 yuan of Kunlun Mountain mineral water priced at 5 yuan is the cost of packaging bottle

recently, the global industrial data analysis and Research Institute (GIA) analyzed and predicted the economic prospects of the global plastic packaging industry. Although the global economic recession had a certain impact, due to the growing demand for consumer retail products such as food and beverage, plastic materials quickly became the preferred new packaging products

GIA predicts that the global plastic packaging market will reach US $26.26 billion by 2015

pharmaceutical plastic bottles have high technological requirements

even have specific requirements for the mood of operators

plastic bottles can be seen everywhere in life. Although China has become the world's largest plastic production base, in the upstream of the plastic packaging industry - plastic packaging machinery industry, especially the packaging lines of high-end pet bottles and beverage enterprises are basically the world with imported equipment

"American plastic bottle blowing machines account for 24% of the global market share, followed by Germany and Japan," Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Association of mold, hardware and plastic industry suppliers, said that although many plastic packaging bottles are produced in China, plastic bottle blowing machines can only rely on imports, especially high-end products

according to the survey data of the Ministry of health, China consumes more than 10billion medical plastic bottles on average every year

Wang Ying, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd., said that looking at the very inconspicuous medical plastic bottles, the process requirements are actually very high, "light weight, high strength, not easy to damage, good sealing performance, moisture-proof, sanitary, and can be directly used for drug packaging without cleaning and drying after one-time molding." Wang Ying said, but at present, all domestic equipment for the production of medical packaging bottles need to be imported

Central Asia Machinery is a silhouette of Hangzhou's packaging industry. It has been committed to producing dairy packaging machinery and equipment for many years before, and has been involved in the plastic packaging industry in recent years. Although it has broken the long-term monopoly of foreign products by relying on scientific and technological innovation, there is still a gap in high-end equipment, including pharmaceutical packaging bottles

Wang Ying said that the medicinal bottle should be transparent, with uniform color, no obvious color difference, smooth and smooth surface, no obvious deformation and scratches, and no sand holes, oil stains, bubbles, etc. "This process requires very high requirements, not only for raw materials, but also for temperature, humidity of product structure sheet 1, and even the mood of operators in the production process." Wang Ying said

industry insiders said that the global pharmaceutical packaging market exceeded US $30billion in 2010, and the annual market demand also increased by 6.3%. The global demand for medical plastic bottle packaging is increasing every year, and the growth rate of medical plastic bottle packaging ranks first

"however, Chinese companies can only earn meager production profits. Raw materials are purchased domestically and sold in the domestic market, but all key production equipment needs to be imported." Luo Baihui said

Luo Baihui said that at present, pharmaceutical plastic bottles mainly use pharmaceutical composite packaging materials, most of which are high-density polyethylene plastic products. The performance is relatively strengthened, and the high-end pharmaceutical PET plastic bottles are supported by leading enterprises

Chinese enterprises want to narrow the gap with foreign manufacturers

last year, China's plastic machine trade deficit accumulated about $720million

insiders said that pet and HDPE polymers were the main plastic packaging materials in the initial stage. At present, pet has almost completely "taken over" the market of mineral water and household cleaning products, Become an inflection point of soft drink glass bottles and metal cans. The conditioning of frequency f1 and slope s is a strong competitor mainly to regulate the stiffness of buffer

recently, the International Federation of plastic blowing machine associations released a report saying that American plastic blowing machine manufacturers have maintained a global leading position in machinery sales for 10 consecutive years

according to public information, plastic bottle blowing machines in the United States account for 24% of the global market share. Back in 2004, the sales of plastic bottle blowing machines in the United States reached US $6.41 billion, ranking first in the world, followed by US $5.22 billion in Germany and US $3.74 billion in Japan

"in terms of plastic packaging machinery and equipment such as drinking water, carbonated beverages, tea drinks, etc., domestic products can basically meet the needs. Medium and low-speed bottle sorting and packing equipment also have matching products to choose from, and quickly occupy the market, but pet injection molding machines can only rely on imports, and the price is high." Wang Ying said,

taking the blow molding machine produced according to haydale's report as an example, a set of equipment produced by Central Asia Machinery costs 700000 yuan, but the imported equipment costs about 2million yuan. "In a competitive situation, our product price is only equivalent to 1/3 of the price of imported products. The pricing power of those high-end equipment is basically in the hands of foreign companies, and we have no bargaining power at all." Wang Ying said

statistics from China Customs show that in 2011, China imported 13718 plastic processing equipment and exported 51647, with import and export volumes of US $2.18 billion and US $1.47 billion respectively, with a cumulative deficit of about US $720million

industry insiders pointed out that the competitive advantage of American plastic bottle blowing machine in the world lies in the high reliability, flexibility and safety of the machine itself, as well as the use cost and reliable service, which are the characteristics of American plastic bottle blowing machine industry

"both countries play an important role in the production, filling, labeling, capping and external protection of various product packaging industries." The above-mentioned person said, however, the severe financial crisis provided a good opportunity for the Asia Pacific market. The demand of the flexible packaging market in this region increased from 34billion euros in 2005 to 43billion euros in 2010, which led to the development of the flexible packaging market

according to authoritative statistics, China's packaging industry achieved a total industrial output value of 1.2 trillion yuan in 2010, "the plastic packaging industry has ranked second in the industry, and Zhejiang also ranks second in provinces and cities across the country after Guangdong." Zhang Yaoquan, President of Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association, said that the main task of the plastic packaging industry, which was included in the equipment manufacturing industry in the 12th Five Year Plan, is to develop new plastic bottle forming equipment, gradually narrow the gap with foreign manufacturers, and compete with them in the market

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