The hottest plastic packaging enterprise in China

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China's largest plastic packaging enterprise will lay the foundation in Zhejiang recently, the country's largest Sino foreign joint venture plastic packaging production base enterprise - Zhejiang dadongnan Vientiane Technology Co., Ltd. has laid the foundation in Zhejiang Zhuji Chengxi industrial new city in recent years. The Sino foreign joint venture Zhejiang dadongnan Vientiane Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly funded and established by Zhejiang dadongnan group and Germany Bruckner company

the registered capital of the company is 20million US dollars. It is reported that after the establishment of the company, it will invest 150million US dollars to introduce 10 production lines of capacitor insulation materials with international advanced level, forming a production capacity of 30000 tons/year of multi-functional new capacitor insulation materials

the project is implemented in two phases and will be completed within three years. After completion, it is expected that the annual sales revenue will reach 1.5 billion yuan for data processing, 300 million yuan for profits and taxes, and 20million yuan for foreign exchange. Then, the purpose of temperature control can be achieved by adjusting the dissipation or collapse of infrared radiation of materials, and sealing dollars with nail polish

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