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There is a shortage in the plastic packaging industry, and there is a great demand potential for recycled resin

although it is difficult to obtain recycled plastics and the quantity is still limited, if each party in the supply chain can communicate with each other and cooperate together, the utilization rate of recycled plastics in the packaging industry will be improved in 2014, which is a win-win thing for any party

analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of plastic

from our daily clothes, food, housing, such as our clothes, kitchen utensils, food packaging, building materials and other aerospace materials, we can see traces of plastic everywhere. Plastic is almost everywhere in all industries, and plastic seems to be an indispensable part of our daily life. It can be said that plastic has made earth shaking changes in our way of life

the plastic packaging industry is insufficient, and the demand potential for recycled resin is great.

the huge plastic family has deeply affected our lives and made great contributions to the improvement of our quality of life! However, everything has two sides, plastic is no exception. Plastic has many advantages and disadvantages, which have a great impact on human production and life

with the development of human science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for materials. Plastics with unique advantages came into being under the action of the torrent of the times. First, plastic has abundant raw materials and low cost; Second, plastic molding and processing is easy, and the productivity is high; Third, the components are light in weight and high in specific strength; Fourth, good wear resistance and self lubrication; Fifth, good corrosion resistance. Plastics have these advantages, and plastics have many application advantages. First of all, in agriculture, due to the low density and high specific strength of engineering plastics, plastic films are widely used in greenhouse vegetable planting. Secondly, engineering plastics are more and more widely used in agricultural machinery, and will gradually replace metal materials as important materials for agricultural machinery. Thirdly, due to its good corrosion resistance, various plastic building pipes have played an important application advantage in construction; Finally, plastics also have application advantages in other fields, such as packaging engineering, medical and health care and other industries. It can be said that plastic has made great contributions to improving our quality of life. Now we no longer need to buy vegetables in bamboo baskets, drink water in fragile glass bottles, and hold food in corrosive metal pots

Although plastic has irreplaceable advantages, its disadvantages are also fatal. Waste films, plastic bags, foamed plastic tableware and waste plastic packaging are scattered in the urban area, scenic spots and both sides of the road, which not only affects the landscape, but also causes visual pollution. At the same time, it is easy to age under the action of sunlight, atmosphere and heat, and plastic is not easy to degrade, causing great harm to the environment, such as white pollution, which is now widely known. Long term improper use of plastic products will also cause chronic poisoning. In addition to harming the environment, most people do not know that plastic bags are harming our health while providing convenience. Packing food in plastic bags, especially cooked food, may cause food poisoning symptoms. Long term use of plastic lunch boxes may also cause chronic poisoning. Improper use of plastic products for a long time is bound to affect human health

the medical community has found that plastic itself releases harmful gases that play a major role in the process of providing comfort to passengers. Due to the long-term accumulation in the sealed bag, the concentration increases with the increase of sealing time, resulting in varying degrees of pollution of the food in the bag, which has a particularly prominent impact on the healthy development of children. At present, the plastic bags sold and used in the market contain serious excessive bacteria and carcinogens. Packaging cooked food directly imported with this kind of plastic products will have serious consequences for the health of consumers

to sum up, we should correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of plastics, so as to lay a foundation for better use and avoid its harm to the environment! In this regard, the plastic industry should uphold the green concept, fully implement the national policy on environmental protection and safety, improve the utilization level of waste plastics, and devote itself to building an environment-friendly road to promote the development of the plastic industry

although the plastic industry is expanding its market share, it is still necessary to resist various bans, because for some specific plastic packaging, the ban will continue. For example, according to recent reports, San Francisco may become the first big city to ban plastic water bottles. The debate about PS foam packaging and plastic bags will also become more intense

if you don't like prohibition, you should do something to reverse negative views

at the global plastics summit, the Tangshan region of the United States and China rose 30 yuan/ton. Kimholmes, head of the recycling and transformation Department of the National Plastics Industry Association (SPI), said that people would not feel contradictory about glass, aluminum alloy and paper packaging. In fact, people feel good when recycling these materials

there will be no ban to exclude paper bags, although in fact, the carbon footprint produced by paper bags with communication interfaces is higher and more expensive, and methane will be produced after being discarded. She said that the reason is that they are widely recycled, so they are considered to be beneficial to the environment

if people feel negative about plastic packaging, expanding the use of plastic packaging will be a challenge, she said. Our priority is to actively increase the recycling and reuse of plastic

the whole industry is trying to change people's negative perception of plastic packaging. For example, the plasticsmageitpossible campaign launched by the American Chemical Commission is promoting and emphasizing how plastics can inspire innovation, change our lives, solve major problems and help us create a safer and more reliable future

Holmes added: I believe we will be more united and make efforts. Today, when image is something, you can't ignore the power of feeling

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