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Packaging of plastic packaging containers under high temperature

polycarbonate bottles can be used for the packaging of goods (if juice) filled under high temperature, but if polycarbonate bottles are used to contain carbonated beverages that need good barrier (to prevent the escape of carbon dioxide in beverages) or edible oil (to prevent oxygen from entering the bottles, so as to avoid oxidation and rancidity of edible oil according to the understanding), they cannot protect goods well, Can not get the ideal packaging effect; The use of ordinary polyester stretch bottles to package carbonated beverages can effectively prevent the escape of carbon dioxide in beverages (polyester stretch bottles have excellent barrier performance). When used in the packaging of edible oil, it can delay the oxidative deterioration of edible oil and extend its shelf life (polyester stretch bottles have good barrier performance against oxygen, which can effectively prevent the oxygen in the atmosphere from entering the bottle through the vessel wall), However, when it is used to pack high-temperature filled fruit juice and other goods, the polyester stretch bottle will deteriorate seriously and lose its use value. Polycarbonate blow molding bottles and ordinary polyester stretch blow molding bottles have extremely good transparency and gloss. What are the functional characteristics and precautions of the steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine in appearance? 1. The steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine has won the first prize of the 2016 China nonferrous metal industry scientific and Technological Progress Award. The functional characteristics and measurement and control system adopt advanced microcomputer program control, multi-channel signal measurement The fine measurement and control system with full digital closed-loop control is similar, but the polycarbonate bottle has outstanding high-temperature resistance (can withstand high-temperature disinfection above 120 ℃), but its barrier performance is poor; Ordinary polyester stretch blow molding bottles have good barrier performance, but poor heat resistance (generally recommended to be used at a temperature below 60 ℃). Another example is that polyethylene containers are good at acid and alkali resistance, but not resistant to many organic solvents, while nylon containers are resistant to hydrocarbons and organic solvents, but poor in acid and alkali resistance (especially poor in acid resistance). Polyethylene bottles can contain substances such as acid and alkali, but not organic solvents such as benzene and toluene (the swelling strength of polyethylene bottles decreases significantly or organic solvents escape through the container wall), while nylon containers are not suitable for storing substances such as acid and alkali, but it is very suitable for containing organic solvents such as benzene and xylene. Multilayer composite containers pe/pa/pe and PE single-layer containers are almost the same in appearance. Even experts in the plastic products industry can hardly separate them from each other in terms of appearance, but the performance differences between the two containers are indeed very large, especially in terms of the barrier performance of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and organic solvents, which can differ by dozens or even hundreds of times, Therefore, we must not judge the adaptability only from the appearance of plastic containers, but also grasp the basic characteristics of plastic containers. If the operation is more solid, it will often cause huge losses due to the improper selection of plastic containers

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