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Plastic packaging to ensure safety

in the silver winter of 2005, we ushered in another extremely happy day - all over the country have held promotional activities to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the promulgation and implementation of the food hygiene law of the people's Republic of China and the food hygiene law; On November 14th, 2005, for the first time, 13 ministries and commissions (the Ministry of Commerce, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of railways, the Ministry of communications, the Ministry of health, the State Environmental Protection Administration, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the food and drug administration, the National Federation of supply and marketing cooperatives, the national certification and Accreditation Administration, and the National Standards Commission) jointly held the "national three green project working conference". With the main content of "advocating green consumption, cultivating green market and opening up green channels", the three green project mainly establishes and improves the food packaging safety assurance system in China's circulation field

according to the arrangement of the Chinese government, during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the "three green" project is the first choice to innovate food safety management. In order to build a harmonious society and develop economic recycling economy, this article is specially compiled for publicity, aiming to make the whole people pay more attention to the safety and health of plastic packaging. Food quality safety involves many aspects, such as chemical fertilizer feed for planting and breeding, food production raw materials, food primary processing, food manufacturing, food packaging, storage and transportation logistics, wholesale sales and retail and many other fields. This paper mainly introduces the new technology of plastic packaging food safety, in order to ensure the safety of packaged food

1. The importance of plastic packaging safety

food safety in plastic packaging is a very important aspect, which is not only related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, but also a major event in building a harmonious society. For example, this year's toxic PVC food preservation film has caused a great uproar throughout the country. World experts said, "the safety of packaged food is a worldwide problem." American food packaging experts have raised the safety of food and packaging to a new level of politics. We say, "the country is people-oriented, food is paramount, food safety is first, and packaging is safe." In 2005, China launched a series of food packaging safety and health work, which set off a new climax in order to ensure food hygiene and build a harmonious society

after joining the world trade organization, China will implement the relevant rules of WTO. According to the agreement on sanitation and epidemic prevention, the WTO trade rules for packaged food, member states have the right to take safety and health measures to protect their citizens and all mankind; Participating international organizations adopt international standards. Codex Alimentarius Commission CAC is the highest authority of international food/packaging safety; Formulate standards, coordinate the food/safety standard legislation of various countries and guide the establishment of their food safety system. It has more than 160 member countries, covering 98% of the global population; More than 80000 standards have been adopted by Member States, most of which involve food safety and packaging materials. In 2005, the international organization for Standardization ISO, the European Union and the United States have issued new standards or implemented relevant directives. The situation of food quality and safety in China is good. According to the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, the average qualified rate of the inspection results of the "old five categories" of food in 2002 was less than 66%, and the lowest was 31%; Today, 22000 Food Enterprises in the old five categories have passed the safety certification, with a market share of 95%

in recent years, due to the continuous occurrence of domestic packaged food safety accidents, China's food packaging safety work has been put on the national agenda. On July 18, 2003, the State Council held a national video conference on the implementation of the food and drug safety project, which put forward seven measures, with special emphasis on the promotion of standardized packaging safety QS marks. On September 19, 2003, the first "China food security annual conference" jointly supported by the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of health, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and the State Food and Drug Administration SFDA was held in Beijing. The theme of the conference was "food safety and social progress", Government officials and experts and scholars jointly discuss the development and protective measures of food safety in China

in April 2004, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of health, the State Food and Drug Administration and other eight ministries and commissions jointly held the "national food safety system construction conference"; In September, 2004, China issued the notice of the decision of the State Council on further strengthening food safety, marking the entry of a new era in China's food safety construction. On September 18, 2004, the "Second China food safety annual conference" was jointly supported by seven ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of health, and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. At the opening ceremony, representatives of 200 enterprises, including Yili in Inner Mongolia and Yanjing in Beijing, solemnly vowed at the Great Hall of the people to "dedicate safe food and build a great wall of safety" in order to tighten quality management, strengthen food hygiene and safety, crack down on fake and shoddy products, purify the consumer market, strengthen brand awareness and improve international competitiveness

Since 2005, China has carried out a series of food packaging safety and health work; The "Third China food safety annual conference", "China International Food Safety Conference" and other relevant meetings were held. In particular, recently, the country has made great efforts to inventory toxic PVC food preservation films (including DEHA), creating conditions for the safety of packaged food. Especially in November 2005, the "three green project conference" jointly held by 13 ministries and commissions (the Ministry of Commerce, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of railways, the Ministry of communications, the Ministry of health, the State Environmental protection administration, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the food and drug administration, the national supply and Marketing Federation, the National Accreditation Administration and the National Standards Commission) laid a foundation for establishing and improving the food packaging safety assurance system in the field of circulation in China

food quality and safety involve many aspects, such as chemical fertilizer feed for planting and breeding, food production raw materials, food primary processing, food manufacturing, food packaging, storage, transportation logistics, wholesale sales and retail and many other fields. This paper mainly introduces plastic packaging related to food safety

2. New intelligent safety packaging materials

intelligent packaging used for food safety packaging mainly includes display materials, sterilization materials, bacteria testing materials, etc. The author has reported this one after another. Recently, Canada launched a unique packaging material for detectable bacteria. The packaging material of detectable pathogenic bacteria newly developed by Canadian toxin alert company is a multifunctional packaging material, which uses a protein based antibody testing system. When the packaging material is used for food safety packaging, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Escherichia coli and Listeria can be detected. When the packaging material comes into contact with the contaminated food, it will change color and give a warning. In addition, the packaging material can also be used to detect the protein characteristics of pests or genetically engineered foods, and point out genetically engineered foods. Packaging materials can be processed into any shape, suitable for different product needs. 80% of the components are polymer films, and the rest are metal foils and plates

a Japanese food company has recently launched an antibacterial plastic packaging container, which is widely used in food production and other fields. This antibacterial plastic packaging container is synthesized from fiber plastic and polypropylene and mixed with an antibacterial agent for food film, which can prevent the reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria, prevent the deterioration of the food contained, and greatly extend its shelf life

3. Anti u according to Randy V, President of aert, new materials for safe packaging

recently, the U.S. FDA approved the use of ultraviolet barrier produced by Ciba Specialty Chemicals in U.S. food packaging materials. Before that, the product has obtained the application certification of "European Food Safety Agency". The UV barrier specially developed by Ciba Specialty Chemical Company can protect the food in the package from UV damage, improve the safety of packaged food and extend the shelf life. As we all know, sunlight and fluorescent lamps in the warehouse contain ultraviolet (UV), and the packaging using this UV barrier can effectively block UV, prevent packaged food from UV damage, and thus prevent any changes in color, smell, taste and nutritional value of packaged food stored in the warehouse

4. New multi-functional fresh-keeping packaging materials

Japan has recently developed a long-acting, multi-functional fresh-keeping agent for food packaging. According to the journal, food packaging with long-acting multifunctional preservatives can not only inhibit the growth of many microorganisms such as aerobic, anaerobic and anaerobic (i.e. aerobic and anaerobic), but also be simple and safe to use, without affecting food flavor, and can greatly extend the shelf life of packaged safe foods

the manufacturing method of the multifunctional preservative is made by adding ethanol in a specific way to the deoxidizer with low molecular phenol compounds and activated carbon as the main components. That is, in ethanol, dissolve low molecular phenol compounds (phenol, catechol, pyrocalcine equivalent phenol, catechol is the best), and then mix activated carbon and Na2CO3 · 10h2o into the solution. The long-acting food preservative prepared in this way can delay the growth generation of microorganisms in the packaging. Generally, the aerobic bacteria are dozens of minutes, and the yeast is from tens of minutes to a few hours

the newly invented deoxidizing preservative has good effect. Due to the anti microbial growth, anti-corrosion and disinfection effects of ethanol, it is better to preserve food with alcohol essence in the sealed food than to directly add alcohol to the food, which will not make the food have a strong alcohol taste, lose the original flavor and reduce the commodity value. Therefore, the concentration of ethanol used is much lower than that used alone as preservative. The low concentration of ethanol and the high fresh-keeping effect are the result of the multiplication of ethanol, low molecular phenol and activated carbon deoxidizer in the new deoxidizing fresh-keeping agent

5. New sterile active packaging materials

recently, foreign researchers have successfully developed a sterile active packaging system, including a sterilization system. It is a system that combines active sterilizing substances with plastic bags and excellent after-sales and quality assurance service packaging materials: sorbitol, sorbate, sodium benzoate, silver zeolite and other substances are added to the materials for manufacturing packaging containers, and then they are manufactured into containers, so that the sterilizing active ingredients can be slowly released. The sterilization system is to adsorb the active sterilization material onto a carrier and put it into the food bag, which can make the food sterilized for a long time

it is reported that the newly invented sterilizing deoxidizing preservative can remove more than 99.9% of the oxygen in the sealed container within 24 hours, producing a deoxidizing effect in a very short time. In addition, the preservative is superior to the general single package deoxidizer, which not only has the function of sterilization, but also has good deoxidization ability; When it is sealed with the food in the gas barrier packaging bag to absorb oxygen, it can prevent the food from mildew, microbial growth and oil oxidation by removing the free oxygen in the closed system, so as to prevent the food from discoloration, taste change and deterioration. So as to ensure the safety and hygiene of packaged food

6. New aseptic high barrier packaging materials

in view of the defects that the packaging made of aluminum foil and some composite materials is opaque, not easy to absorb, and cannot be used for microwave processing, aseptic SiOx plated packaging materials have been successfully developed in recent years. It is made by plating a very thin layer of silicon oxide SiOx on pet, PA, PP, pet/pen and other plastic film substrates in a vacuum environment, and then giving sterilization function. It not only has better barrier property, but also has excellent adaptability to the atmospheric environment. Its barrier property is not affected by the changes of ambient temperature and humidity. SiOx coating packaging materials have high barrier, high microwave permeability and transparency, and can be used for high-temperature cooking and microwave

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