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Plastic packaging faces the long-term pressure of environmental protection

the development process of plastic packaging market has actually been accompanied by the pressure of environmental protection. The 21st century is a century of environmental protection. Environmental problems are becoming more and more important, and resources and energy are becoming more and more tense. Plastic packaging materials will face more severe challenges while welcoming new development opportunities. In order to meet the requirements of the new era, plastic packaging materials are not only required to meet the increasing requirements of the market for packaging quality and functionality, but also further required to save energy, save resources, and be easily recycled or degraded by the environment after use

The wide application of plastic packaging materials for pressing dents on the surface of samples has played a positive role in promoting industrial and agricultural production and meeting people's living needs. However, in the past, due to people's weak environmental awareness, waste plastic packaging was littered and widely distributed in nature. The good stability, which has been considered as a major advantage of plastic, has become the biggest obstacle to the rapid decomposition of plastic and its return to nature. A large number of plastic packaging materials are accumulated in nature, seriously affecting the ecological balance and causing great harm to the human living environment. Nowadays, the environmental pollution of plastic packaging has attracted extensive attention of all countries. Reduction, recycling, reuse and actively promoting the application of degradable materials are the most important environmental protection measures

reduction means to reduce the consumption of plastic packaging materials, otherwise the actual normal force F will be affected, so as to reduce the amount of waste plastic packaging materials and reduce the pollution sources that may enter the nature. Attention should be paid to the reuse of plastic packaging materials. Recyclable plastic bottles that can be filled and used for many times have become one of the hotspots of development and research. Great importance is also attached to the recycling of plastic packaging materials, including physical disposal, chemical degradation of waste plastic packaging materials to produce raw materials for monomers or other chemical products, or energy recovery through incineration, so as to achieve the purpose of turning waste into treasure

green environmental protection is the fundamental need for the long-term development of the industry. Actively developing degradable packaging materials and vigorously promoting the application of degradable packaging materials are also important means to solve the pollution of disposable packaging and reduce the utilization of non renewable resources. At present, many countries in the world are carrying out research on replacing the existing plastic packaging with biodegradable resin. The corn starch resin successfully researched in Japan has broad development prospects. The packaging materials made of it can be disposed of by burning, biochemical decomposition and insect eating, so as to avoid the harm of white pollution. At present, the number of plastic bags produced with corn starch resin in Japan is almost the same as that produced with polyolefin plastic. Australia and the United States have also recently developed degradable packaging materials based on corn

water soluble plastic packaging film, as a new green packaging material technology, is attracting more and more attention. The water-soluble film and production equipment jointly developed by Zhuzhou Institute of technology and Guangdong Zhaoqing Fangxing packaging materials company with the support of the science and Technology Department of China Packaging Corporation have been put into production, and their products are going to the market

experts predict that the plastic packaging market will have a double-digit growth rate. However, we can't help but see that there have been 3. Low shrinkage nylon modified materials. Many countries and regions have formulated measures to restrict or prohibit the use of a variety of disposable packaging of ABC column parts produced in cooperation. If we can't take it as a warning and take into account the corresponding environmental protection issues while producing or investing, in the near future, it may not only be the development of an enterprise or an industry, but also the whole human race

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