What is the hottest audio and video matrix

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What is the audio and video matrix

I. what is a matrix

matrix is essentially a rectangular matrix composed of electronic switches. Simply put, cameras are rows and monitors are columns. Their intersection is an electronic switch. The matrix switches the images of any camera to any monitor through this electronic switch

with the progress of society

second, what is the function of matrix

three bases of matrix this is mainly because the customer does not understand the fixture material clearly when selecting this function:

switching - camera

control - ball machine

linkage alarm - linkage

III. what types of matrices are there


1 From signal type

analog matrix

digital matrix

2 From signal type

audio matrix

video matrix

3 From the interface point of view,

av matrix (BNC)

rgb matrix

vga matrix

domestic enterprises must constantly learn from the outside world about DVI matrix

hdmi matrix

4. What are the components of the matrix

input module

output module

central processing unit module

power supply module

alarm module

v. main technical indicators of the matrix:

most important parameters:

bandwidth 17m

random signal-to-noise ratio 65db

amplitude frequency characteristic 0.2db

inter channel crosstalk -55db (end)

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