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Where is the future of fully restricted diesel vehicles

there is no era that makes the situation of diesel vehicles so embarrassing. From Xi'an's ban on diesel vehicles in the third country, which made it impossible for vehicles in the fourth and fifth countries to travel smoothly, to the introduction of various "firewood ban orders" in other places, which made diesel vehicles the target of public criticism

the person in charge of an engine company said frankly that a series of traffic restriction policies made truck drivers feel anxious and confused the relevant commercial vehicle and parts enterprises. "From country 3 to country 4, then to country 5, and then continue to prepare for country 6 without stop. The interval between emission upgrades is shorter and shorter, and enterprises do not have any buffer time. This is the second thing. Now diesel vehicles are banned when they say no, and they are limited when they say no. the prospect of traditional fuel vehicles in the future is very worrying, which makes our plastic machinery such as plastic granulator demand a lot of energy, and the investment may not see a return." He said

in the process of emission upgrading, enterprises have paid a lot of human, material and financial resources. However, after the introduction of traffic ban and restriction policies, the development space of diesel vehicles has been seriously squeezed. The difficulty for commercial vehicle enterprises is that whether they can get the corresponding return from the research and development laboratories of some metallurgical companies that have done a lot of research in the future is unknown. Due to the existence of these problems in the national six standards, China's plastic machinery industry can not meet foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. The horizontal construction time has been basically determined, and many regions even implement the national six standards in advance. From the time point of view, the time interval between the upgrading of national five to national six is only three years. For most enterprises, it is unlikely that they will make profits in the national five stage. In the process of preparing for the Sixth National Congress, we should also deal with the different policy requirements of various regions. If you are careless, you will be overtaken by other enterprises

in addition to the pressure brought about by emission upgrading, the study and formulation of a timetable for banning the sale of traditional fuel vehicles and the launching of pure electric heavy trucks in 2020 have also cast a shadow on the development of diesel vehicles. As an important means of transportation, diesel vehicles play an irreplaceable role. Nowadays, diesel vehicles are regarded as a source of pollution, which makes the public have a certain prejudice against them

during the interview with dealers, they expressed their willingness to transform. Min, general manager of Ningbo Liandong Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., said that the pre tightening force generated by the bolt connection of fasteners is one of the key factors that affect the static strength and fatigue strength of automobile parts and components at the same time. "The development of new energy vehicles is the general trend, and the switching is only a matter of time. Some dealers sell gas vehicles and other clean energy vehicles." However, they also said that dealers can adjust their marketing strategies according to policies, but the market is ultimately dominated by users

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