What is the hottest industrial UAV

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What is an industrial UAV

what is an industrial UAV

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original title: what is an industrial UAV

unmanned aircraft, abbreviated as "UAV" in English, is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-contained program control device. From the technical point of view, it can be divided into: unmanned helicopter, unmanned fixed wing aircraft, unmanned multi rotor aircraft, unmanned airship, unmanned parafoil aircraft, etc. According to the application, UAV is the pioneer in the high-end aluminum green lightweight market, which can be divided into military and civil. In military terms, UAVs are divided into reconnaissance aircraft and target aircraft

at present, the mainstream UAVs have fixed wings, helicopters and multiple rotors. When it comes to drones, many people think of aerial photography, occasion coordination and other props. However, for military fans, drones are "Predators" that wipe out the senior leaders of the "Islamic state" in Afghanistan and "global Eagles" that send back important military information from Iraq. If the former can still be close to public life, then the latter is completely ungrounded. In fact, people can find those UAVs that look ordinary but actually shoulder important tasks in their lives. Their category is called industrial UAV. Today, Puzhou will talk to you about what industrial UAV is

the demand for industrial UAVs directly comes from specific industries, and the operating environment is special. It has higher requirements for accurate function positioning, high environmental adaptability and high reliability. It can realize industrial three prevention (fire prevention, rain prevention and dust prevention) and work normally in a variety of complex environments such as rainy and snowy days, alpine regions, high-temperature fire sites and electromagnetic interference. Industrial UAV has higher requirements in endurance time, load capacity, safety and reliability, and industrial UAV should also be customized, and different modules should be replaced according to different application fields

classification of industrial UAVs:

UAVs can be roughly divided into three types: fixed wing UAVs, unmanned helicopters and multi rotor UAVs. Multi rotor UAV can be divided into four rotors, six rotors and eight rotors according to the number of rotors. According to the different takeoff and landing modes and endurance capabilities, the UAV applications are also different. Fixed wing UAVs were mostly used for military UAVs in the early stage. After the military conversion, they played an important role. They have long endurance, efficient and fast effects, and are convenient for large-area operations; Civil UAV generally adopts multi rotor UAV, which is easy to operate, flexible and stable, and is mainly used for fine operation

application of industrial UAV:

technology changes life. With the development of science and technology, higher risk occupations will be gradually replaced by equipment. UAVs can solve industrial problems and improve work efficiency. They can be applied to agricultural plant protection, power line inspection, security inspection and protection, forest fire prevention, aerial mapping, police and fire protection

1. The field of agricultural plant protection plant protection UAV is different from that of other UAV industries. From the perspective of operating height and speed, plant protection requires low altitude and low speed, and puts forward higher requirements for flight stability and high accuracy; In terms of pesticide application technology, different pesticide varieties, spraying concentrations, and application technical parameters should be selected according to different crops. The development of sprinkler heads and the research and development of special aviation pharmaceutical solutions also belong to this system

2. As we all know, most high-voltage lines are usually operated in mountainous, hilly and other areas with harsh environment and difficult to reach by manpower. Manual inspection will inevitably lead to problems such as long time, difficult to observe details, outdoor work hazards, etc. The use of UAV will greatly avoid these problems. It can not only observe the details that are not easy to be found manually, but also greatly improve the work efficiency and quality

3. According to statistics, security UAV is the most widely used in the field of police security. As a professional UAV, the police security UAV can collect field data and quickly transmit it to the command center to track the development trend of the event for the commander to judge and make decisions. As a professional unmanned class, it also has the characteristics of customization. Police UAVs are often equipped with devices such as air shouting, tear gas delivery, security monitoring, etc. Most cities in China have begun to use police drones for public security management

4. Rescue and disaster relief

every year, China has caused more than one million casualties and billions of economic losses due to public emergencies such as natural disasters, accident disasters and social security incidents. UAV plays an important role in dealing with emergencies and disaster relief. It is a way of applying modern rescue technology. In addition, UAVs are also used to detect, locate and monitor forest fires, collect disaster information, etc

9. The oil cup of reverse zigzag experiment and the place with relative lubrication should always be lubricated. 5. Aerial mapping

UAV plays a very important role in surveying and mapping and is most widely used. Its remote sensing system is widely used in all kinds of monitoring, including national ecological environment protection, mineral resources exploration, marine environment monitoring, national defense, urban planning and municipal management, and has broad market demand. Of course, in addition to the above aspects, industrial UAVs have slowly penetrated into all aspects of people's daily life. With its unique advantages, the demand for industrial UAVs in the personal and commercial markets continues to increase, and will also play an important role in more fields in the future. Looking forward to the future, the autonomous capability of UAV will become stronger and stronger to adapt to different tasks and applications

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