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What is the future "innovation direction" of smart watches

what products do you think of when referring to "smart watches"? Apple wa caused shock TCH, Samsung Galaxy gear, Sony Smartwatch, or pebble who was once a hot "high-value" player and was eventually acquired by Fitbit

smart watches have been launched for many years and still occupy the second place in the wearable market. According to the statistics of Yano Research Institute Ltd. in Japan, the market share of smart bracelets is the largest, reaching about 65.2%; Followed by smart watches, accounting for about 31.2% of the market. The market share of these two wearable devices is much higher than that of other wearable devices, such as smart glasses, head mounted displays, and the establishment and improvement of comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standard smart rings for plastic granulator equipment

however, after several years of development, several problems have emerged in the smart watch market. Because the smart watch screen is too small, the battery life is too short and other "pain points" that are difficult to cross, even the apple watch, which has high user loyalty, has not achieved great success in sales

is the era of smart watches really over? Are users really no longer willing to wear a small screen several centimeters square on their wrists to get message reminders and read weather guides

for the confusion in the development of smart watches, commentator Chaim Gartenberg put forward a new idea for smart watches: in the future, the development direction of smart watches may no longer be a larger screen, but a smart strap with more functions

gartenberg said in his article that his idea came from a kind of "hybrid smartwatches". Such watches include horological watches made by Swiss famous watch Frederic constant, Skagen Hagen watches from Denmark with simple style, and phase watches designed by misfit, a start-up company acquired by American fashion brand fossil

these watches have one feature: they don't have a shiny touch screen and look like a normal, traditional watch with a sense of design. However, these watches do have some "hidden functions": konstan's horological watch can detect users' movement and sleep, misfit phase can count steps, and can also provide alarm clock and call reminder

the "skill points" of these smart watches are hidden under the appearance of traditional watches. However, their functions are generally similar to those of sports bracelets. The design of curtain wall project jass 14 (9) 6 does not seem to show that smart watches "have a screen", but in Gartenberg's eyes, this is the development trend of smart watches in the future

gartenberg criticized watches with touch screens as follows:

"those heavy and short-lived touch-screen smart watches have lost their most basic function - constant display time."

therefore, Gartenberg believes that smart watches in the future should be upgraded after doing their job of "displaying time". He suggested that smart watch manufacturers turn their attention to a field that is often forgotten by the industry: smart watch strap

if we carefully imagine, the reasons behind this proposal are actually very good. Adding intelligent devices under the ordinary dial will inevitably subvert the internal structure design of the watch. If these devices related to smart watch functions are moved to the strap, the operation of the dial itself will not be affected

in this case, watch manufacturers of both high-end brands and affordable brands can use their traditional dial system. For traditional watch manufacturers, even if they have plans to enter smart watches, they do not need to rush to transform and subvert the watch structure design on a large scale

for users, such a device can replace the functions of smart bracelets and ordinary watches, so they can reduce their investment in wearable devices. At the same time, these watchbands do not have the problems of short endurance and heating that ordinary smart watches have. Take the "hybrid smart watch" such as misfit phase as an example. In the official introduction, its battery life is six months

in fact, watch manufacturers can also cooperate with companies that design smart watchbands if they wish. Take Montblanc as an example. In March this year, it launched a smart watch with the Google Android wear wearable device series. Maybe, in the future, the quality of Google will become better and better. Companies can design more professional smart watch straps for watch manufacturers

it is worth mentioning that in 2015, Montblanc designed e-strap, a leather strap with a small screen, which can be installed on some products of Montblanc as a "smart strap". In Gartenberg's eyes, e-strap is the pioneer of his idea

the design of "smart strap" can not only retain the characteristics of the movement and dial design of traditional watches, but also bring intelligent functions into watches. According to garenberg, the market for this design, which takes the advantages of traditional and smart watches, is very large:

"the f é D é ration de l'Industrie horlog è re Suisse estimated that the total sales of (traditional) watches last year was 1.2 billion. Its potential market is much larger than that of smart watches. In 2016, only about 21.1 million smart watches were sold."

of course, the problem with "smart watch bands" is that they can display very limited information. They may not let you read information or even play games like the apple watch. Some users may not necessarily accept the new consumption behavior of purchasing dial and strap respectively

"smart strap" will be a breakthrough for smart watches? At present, the answer to this question is still uncertain. However, under the attack of smart watches and smart watches, the traditional watch industry has not become depressed (the sales volume of 1.2 billion can be proved). Instead, they let buyers experience the "craftsman spirit" and their pursuit of design beauty, so that they not only survive, but even live better and better

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