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What is opacity

the resistance of the paper to the incident light penetrating the paper layer. This property has a great influence on the printability of paper. Low opacity printing paper not only reduces printing contrast, but also makes printing ink transparent. In addition, the white paper is attached to the dark cardboard, or the lower layer of the white paper is carbon carbon copy paper. Envelopes and gift wrapping paper should be high opacity paper. When the incident light shines on the paper, part of the incident light is reflected back, the other part is absorbed, and the rest of the light penetrates the paper layer. There are two types of light penetrating the paper layer, one is the non diffused directional light, and the other is the diffused light. The opacity of the paper can be determined by the sum of parallel transmission and diffusion transmission. Pure cellulose fiber is transparent. If the light entering the paper layer can be absorbed, or return to the air layer through the air fiber interface; Or is there a different quotation for the filled impact test box after adding filler? The inner layer of paper is fiber and air. In the next few years, the situation that the larger the air and the filler, the stronger the filler will be, and the diffuse light generated by the fiber interface will increase the opacity. Adding dark pigments and dyes to the paper can absorb part of the incident light, so the opacity of the paper can be increased. Ground wood pulp and unbleached fiber can increase the opacity of paper because they can absorb more incident light. The filler in the filling paper can reflect more light, so it can improve the opacity of the paper. Titanium dioxide has the best covering efficiency. In addition to discussing how to transform and upgrade the topic to increase the whiteness of the paper, it can also improve the opacity of the paper. However, its disadvantage is that the price is high. The coating is generally translucent for printing paper, so it is suitable for printing. Sometimes it is not hesitate to add expensive titanium dioxide

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