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The most perfect posture records youth/youth should have tears/youth should have sweat/youth, when burning! -- 8.26-27 civro Hilo system door and window expansion training

the most perfect posture record youth/

youth should have tears/

youth should have sweat/

youth, when burning

-- 8.26-27 civro Hilo system door and window development training

"honing, refining, breakthrough transformation"

on August 26-27, a special training for quality development in full swing kicked off in the South China Sea wetland development base. More than 30 elites from the marketing center, technology research and development department and administrative and Logistics Department of HiLo headquarters participated in this expansion training

at 8:30 a.m. on August 26, all the staff assembled. After the uniform distribution and replacement of camouflage clothes, the 2-day and 1-night extended special training trip officially opened! Under the guidance of the instructor, everyone organized the formation and adjusted their standing posture. Through simple queue display and team formation, all trainees are divided into two teams on site. The two teams select their own team leaders and vice team leaders respectively, clarify the responsibilities and obligations among members, and formulate team names, flags and training. The two teams conduct training and PK at the same time

in the nearly two-day activities, all the soldiers accepted the projects of "challenge 2017", "decisive battle battlefield", "high-altitude broken bridge", "graduation wall" and so on. Even under the positive influence of Typhoon "Paka", the Hilo team still insisted on completing all project challenges, showing the spirit of unity and courage to challenge of HiLo people! Through various intense but cheerful activities, everyone realized the management consciousness closely related to work, such as execution, teamwork, team trust, effective communication, empathy, etc

"extreme speed", every team member fully integrates mental and physical challenges

team responsibilities and responsibilities, even if they are exhausted

"breaking the bridge at high altitude", challenging self limits

well-designed expansion projects have stimulated everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm in participation. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration and courage, everyone deeply felt the essence of "team infinity", And the responsibilities of being a member of the team

after a day of expansion, every team member is exhausted. How to make delicious meals with live chicken, fish, eggs and vegetables in front of us depends on everyone's cooperation. Cooking a delicious meal and comforting our teammates for the fatigue of the day have become the most important things we want to do at the moment

"never give up, youth should burn"

the special training on the next day was displayed through the PK of the team to the later stage of the dissolution, integration and reorganization of the two teams. Hilo team completed the crazy finger board and jigsaw puzzle activities, which made us better understand the significance of goals for the whole team

over the graduation wall, the Hilo people once again interpreted the spirit of never giving up and sticking to the end with action. After two days of hard training and with little physical strength left, Shiloh's team resolutely climbed in the heavy rain! All the Hilo people were absorbed and tried their best to climb over the high wall. Finally, they successfully climbed over the challenge in 9 minutes and 38 seconds! At that moment, Shiluo people created miracles with their persistent beliefs and actions

sweat, tears and rain intertwined into the support of trust

at the moment of success, we hugged together tightly

youth is an upward posture. From August 26 to 27, the young people of Shiloh recorded their youth with the most perfect attitude, and interpreted youth, life, team and miracles incisively and vividly! All Hilo people hone their will, inspire their faith, expand cooperation, share their experience, and constantly improve the team combat power and execution ability of the Hilo family, moving towards transformation

vitality is the attitude that an excellent brand should have. Vitality is also the reason for the continuous development and expansion of civro Hilo system doors and windows. The market is becoming more and more difficult, and we grow with a stubborn attitude! The first half of 2017 has passed, and then the Hilo people will launch a general attack towards the annual general goal. We will expand our territory and become more brave as the spirit shown in this expansion. If life is a long journey, Shiloh, a young and energetic team, is moving forward bravely and boldly without fear of challenges. The Shiloh people have been on the road





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