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From July 8 to 11, NOMI home took new functional hardware supporting products such as cabinets and wardrobes to the Guangzhou Construction Expo. Min Yuanlin, marketing director, accepted an exclusive interview with Huiya information ・ home hotline reporter. He said that the overall development of NOMI in the first half of 2016 was good

from July 8 to 11, NOMI home took new functional hardware supporting products such as cabinets and wardrobes to the Guangzhou Construction Expo. In an exclusive interview with the reporter of Huiya information home hotline, min Yuanlin, marketing director, said that in the first half of 2016, NOMI had achieved very good results in team building, product research and development, market development and so on

interview guest: Min Yuanlin, marketing director of Guangzhou NOMI Home Hardware Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: Hello, Mr. min, the highly competitive first half of 2016 has come to an end. Please summarize the situation of the company in the first half of 2016 for us? What is your goal in participating in the Guangzhou Construction Expo

president Min: first of all, I am very grateful to the brothers of Huiya media. In 2016, we, NOMI, came to the 18th China Construction Expo with all our efforts. We participate in the Construction Expo every year, and the scale is relatively large, especially in recent years, the industry is not very prosperous, including real estate. Our enterprises need more new ideas, new products and new ideas to drive and promote the development of the whole market. In general, in 2016, NOMI made very proud achievements, and did a good job in team building, product research and development, market development and so on

home hotline: the previous Guangzhou Construction Expo will attract the attention of the whole industry. Each enterprise will show its own skills to build its core competitiveness. I want to know what new products NOMI brings this time to attract popularity

President Min: speaking of products, I am very proud. We have been engaged in this industry for 14 years. So far, we should be the brand with the most complete products and the most series in this industry. Our products are very diversified, mainly divided into two parts, the supporting production of cabinet functional hardware and wardrobe functional hardware

we have brought five series of cabinets this year: high-end and fashionable Amethyst series, which is especially suitable for the mainstream consumer groups of the post-80s and post-90s. Their generation's pursuit of personalization makes fashion, atmosphere, high-end, unique and other advantages very popular; The traditional trass plate stainless steel series is the pioneer product of our brand awareness; King Kong series and champagne rose series are very popular in the market at present. These two models are large flat wire surround design, which breaks through the traditional round wire pattern. Their configuration is the highest in the industry, and they can be equipped with HEMA damping guide rails imported from Germany; This year, we also developed a series of high-end accessories, such as aircraft carrier platform, which is currently the most high-end storage system accessories in the global industry. In addition, there are big monsters, small monsters, UFOs, etc., which are very popular and popular products in the market at present

in the cloakroom, we are positioned to take the high-end route. The full series of products are equipped with HEMA damping guide rails imported from Germany. The products cover side mounted, top mounted, and a variety of wardrobe storage systems suitable for corner cabinets. The pearlescent white tone is Martha series, which is suitable for most light colored wardrobes on the market, and the overall feeling is elegant and atmospheric; The rose gold tone is the Zilong series, which is suitable for wardrobes of different shades, especially now the whole house is customized. There are many solid wood wardrobes in the cloakroom. The Zilong series that we focus on this year is highly suitable for solid wood, graceful, luxurious and high-grade texture. In terms of the enthusiastic response of this exhibition, Zilong series will bring our brand to a new height

home hotline: now that product homogenization is very serious, many enterprises strive for their biggest core competitive advantage through service. Would you like to know how NOMI implements the service in practice

Mr. Min: speaking of service, these are the two most critical words in our industry. All industries are inseparable from service, and service must be strengthened and deepened. This year, we will focus on specific channels. For the whole dealer system, we will have a series of professional knowledge training and explanation, so that end customers can experience and understand the core essence of our products. The first is product knowledge; The second is installation training. Many customers' installers are not professional in the installation, requirements and skills of products, resulting in some defects of products over time. Therefore, we sent many professional engineers and installers to assist them in the installation training of products; Third, we have made great efforts in channel expansion, so that end customers can better feel that our NOMI brand not only sells products, but also sells a concept and a service

home hotline: Guangzhou Construction Expo has been held for the 18th time this year. Please also send a blessing to the Expo and the future development goals of NOMI

president Min: CCPIT is 18 years old and can be said to be an adult. I wish the CCPIT better and better, and I wish our big platform to grow together and become brilliant together. As for the later development plan, we have been committed to the R & D, production and sales of accessories in the cabinet and wardrobe industry, and hope that Tong can build the brand of NOMI into an international brand that can make Chinese people proud

home hotline: Thank you very much for accepting our interview today, and I wish NOMI a very good effect in this exhibition




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