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Compared with diatom mud, many home decoration consumers will also struggle, which is better? There is no harm without comparison. Diatom mud is really healthy, and wallpaper is really useless

compared with diatom mud, many home decoration consumers will also struggle, which is better? There is no harm without comparison. Diatom mud is really healthy, and wallpaper is really useless

except for a small number of wallpapers, most of the wallpapers sold on the market are synthetic materials, that is, plastics, rubber powder, fibers, etc. if you encounter a variety of harmful gases generated by high temperature, it will harm people's bodies, which is also the most important point not to use wallpapers

moreover, many people who use Wallpapers report that they will soon have problems such as peeling, mildew, blistering, falling off and so on. In the end, it is better to use diatom mud for home decoration, which is healthy and worry-free

environmental protection

wallpaper must be on the wall by glue, which contains formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants. Nowadays, the environmental friendly glutinous rice glue advocated by some businesses in the market is not environmental friendly at all, and even produces some toxic and harmful substances

and Lianglong diatom mud is preferred to refined diatomite, which was first a kind of plankton on the deep sea floor. After hundreds of millions of years of geological changes, it evolved into diatom ore, which was mined and processed into diatomite. It is natural, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and also has porous adsorption properties. It can adsorb harmful substances in the air, and has environmental protection effects such as formaldehyde decomposition and air purification, which wallpaper does not have

functional life

the wallpaper is gorgeous and beautiful, but the product itself is not waterproof, mildew proof, fire-proof, easy to mold and fall off, and must be replaced once every 1-2 years on average, which is not cost-effective

using Lianglong diatom mud can not only breathe humidity, but also automatically adjust indoor humidity, so that the indoor humidity can always maintain the most appropriate humidity for the human body, but also ensure that clothes and quilts do not mildew

Lianglong diatom mud is an inorganic plant material with soft color, which is not easy to make eyes tired, and can continuously protect vision and effectively protect eyes; Lianglong diatom mud also has super sound absorption, noise reduction and wall self-cleaning functions, with a service life of more than 30 years and high cost performance. It is an environmentally friendly decorative material once and for all

artistic taste

at present, wallpaper products on the market are produced on machine assembly lines, while Lianglong diatom mud is completely made by pure manual craftsmanship. In terms of artistic taste, natural diatom mud is more elegant

Lianglong diatom mud is highly artistic, three-dimensional and diversified. It can be realized in any shape, texture, color and style. There are thousands of varieties of designs and colorful patterns, which can fully realize the customization of home decoration, create an exclusive private customized space, and taste more elegant

based on the above comparison, why so many people don't use wallpapers and diatom mud with Leung lung has the answer. If you want environmental protection, taste and high cost performance, it is absolutely right to use Lianglong diatom mud

as one of the top ten brands of diatom mud in China, Lianglong has focused on the field of building materials and decoration for more than 20 years. While deepening the diatom mud industry, it has closely followed the needs of consumers, actively developed new products, constantly upgraded and updated to meet the living needs of consumers, and become the real "good mud and good quality" in the diatom mud industry

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