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Under the guidance of the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", Zhejiang has taken the lead in the exploration and practice of green mine construction in the country, built a mining green development system and mechanism suitable for the construction of ecological civilization, and effectively improved the level of mineral resources development and utilization. At present, the development of mining industry in Zhejiang Province has basically achieved four major changes. A total of 468 green mines have been built in the province, with a completion rate of 79%, adding a beautiful background to the "beautiful Zhejiang" and providing Zhejiang experience for the whole country

the layout of mineral development is constantly optimized and new products are vigorously developed. The total area of the planned mining forbidden areas of mineral resources is larger, the total area of the planned mining areas of mineral resources is smaller, and the total area of land occupied by mines is smaller. According to statistics, Zhejiang Province has completed the clearance and withdrawal of 18 mining rights in various protected areas, the total area of the forbidden mining areas has been expanded from 20000 square kilometers to 45300 square kilometers, and all mines in the forbidden mining areas have been shut down; The total area of the mining area has been reduced from nearly 10000 square meters to 4580 square kilometers, and more than 75% of the mines are concentrated; The total area of land occupied by the mine decreased from 222.76 square kilometers to 187.1 square kilometers

the scale and intensification of mine development have been significantly improved. The total number of mines has been greatly reduced, the annual total mining volume has increased significantly, and there are more large mines. According to statistics, the total number of mines in Zhejiang Province has been significantly reduced from more than 13000 to less than 1000 at present. The annual mining volume of minerals has increased from less than 100 million tons to 500 million tons. The average annual mining scale of single mines has increased from 42000 tons to 530000 tons, and the proportion of large mines has increased to more than 61%

the overall level of green mining has been improved. Zhejiang has built a national demonstration base for the comprehensive utilization of fluorite resources, revitalizing the amount of refractory fluorite ore of more than 22 million tons. 26 mining enterprises were rated as the national demonstration project of "substituting awards for subsidies" for mineral resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, and 5 mining conservation and comprehensive utilization technologies entered the national directory. The level of mining, processing, storage and transportation integration, digitization and intelligence has been greatly improved, and a number of domestic first-class modern mines have emerged. Huzhou xinkaiyuan gravel Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province

the ecological environment of the mine has been significantly improved. Zhejiang Province has completed the treatment of 2805 abandoned mines in 48 counties (cities, districts); A total of 2525 abandoned mines have been treated, and the treatment and restoration area is 94900 mu. A number of successful cases of mine management have emerged, such as renhuang mountain in Huzhou and Ningbo Geely racetrack; A total of 468 green mines have been built, with a completion rate of 79%. 71 mines have entered the national green mine directory database. Huzhou is a pilot of the construction of the national green mining development demonstration zone. More than 90% of the mines in the province have reached the standard for dust prevention and control. Five national mining parks have been built

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