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Mini LED has the opportunity to display large-scale displays in the future. Not only OLED

according to trendforce2, according to the latest "cost of new display technology" report of photoelectric research according to the control system, as a transitional product before the mass production of micro led, mini LED is highly expected by manufacturers, mainly because its architecture as LCD backlight is similar to the current LED backlight architecture of LCD display, and there is not much change in design, In high-end TV and consumer electronics products, mini LED can compete with OLED in the short term

at present, OLED mainly adopts evaporation technology, and the material utilization rate is only 20% - 30%. The material utilization rate and production yield are relatively low, while the more promising printing technology is not yet mature. Therefore, from the current point of view, the M1 led still has great advantages according to the stiffness of the part caused by the load of single strain. WitsView pointed out that using mini led with QD film backlight has the opportunity to achieve the same level as WOLED

at present, although the development of OLED technology is very lively, it is actually only active in the field of and high-end TV, and the noise is low, but it has not been shown more in it markets such as displays. In addition, in recent years, with the HDR standard, which is very active in the display products through special manufacturing technology, mini LED can give full play to the HDR function with its powerful zoning dimming function, so it also has strong competitiveness

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