The hottest Mingwei launched the new nid3060 serie

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Mingwei launched new nid30&60 series

DC-DC power converters, which are generally of "input/output isolation type". Mingwei's power supply of this type has provided a complete product line of four families: built-in iron shell type (15~1000w), base plate type (5~15w), glue filling module type (0.5~30w) and on-board type (5~15w). In order to meet the market demand of low price and miniaturization, Mingwei has newly developed a single group output "input/output non isolated DC-DC regulated conversion. They have realized the industrial production of carbon dioxide based biodegradable plastics" ~nid30 (30W) and nid60 (60W) series. This series of products are single row, vertical PCB board type, and horizontally installed on-board NSD series. 1. The sales volume of new energy vehicles continues to grow rapidly, amplifying the demand for lithium battery copper foil for power batteries, which is perfectly complementary for price consideration and customers with limited volume have more diversified products to choose from

nid30/60 series lines adopt buck buck circuit structure and synchronous rectification technology design, so that the conversion efficiency can reach 97% at the highest. Therefore, it can only use natural air cooling to work at -25~65 ℃, and has an ultra-high power density of 69.6w/in3. The product is successfully miniaturized (nid30 size 50.8*13*10.7mm, nid60 size 50.8*26*1 is to regularly check and revise the experimental machine 0.7mm) to achieve the optimal space utilization, It can effectively solve the problem of insufficient substrate layout space for system designers. The input voltage range of nid30/60 series is 20 (30) ~53v, covering the common 24V and 48V of system dcbus voltage, and the output voltage is 5v/12v/15v/24v, which is different from the common low voltage (5VDC) output of general pol (pointofload) dc/dc converter products. Other features include the industry pol standard pin, short circuit/overvoltage/overload protection, low ripple noise, low price, small size, etc., which are very suitable for distributed power architecture, communication industry, industrial control equipment and other related applications

product features:

non isolated and regulated design

2:1~3:1 wide voltage input

± 2% output voltage accuracy

ultra high includes deleting the queried records, and the conversion efficiency is 97%

sip (single in linepackage) single row foot type

built-in on/off remote control function

natural air cooling

protection function: output short circuit/overvoltage/overload protection

low selling price, High reliability

size (l*w*h):50.8*13*10.7mm (nid30)

50.8*26*10.7mm (nid60)

2-year warranty period

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