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release date: Source: Datong evening news

as a person who has worked and lived in Datong for decades, Datong ancient city culture has been integrated into the blood. Huayan Temple, Shanhua temple, wild goose pagoda, Drum Tower and other ancient buildings in the ancient city are the soul of the ancient city, and residential quadrangles are the essence of the ancient city. Markclabaugh, the project manager, said in an email that he liked paper sculptures since he was a child, and hoped to use his own way to miniature the ancient landscape of the city, and publicize his hometown culture in this way, so that more people can feel the charm of Datong, a famous historical and cultural city

recently, Yang Yuguang exhibited his ancient paper and plastic architecture works such as Datong bell tower, Drum Tower, Kuixing tower and Datong residential quadrangle through the official account of Sanjin paper and plastic culture park. Each work is marked with the depth, width, creation time, display location and detailed introduction of ancient architecture and historical background. The detailed graphic data attracted many friends' praise. On the 14th, I interviewed Yang Yuguang. He said that Datong is a famous cultural city with many exquisite ancient buildings. He wanted to use his own way to miniaturize the ancient landscape of the city and publicize the history and culture of Datong

it seems that the old times are locked in every door and window of those paper and plastic attics, and the quadrangles of those ancient folk houses exude the regional cultural customs of old Datong. Yang Yuguang told me that he was a teacher of Beiyue middle school in Datong City before he retired. Influenced by his family, he loved paper and plastic since childhood. When he was a child, he used paper to build a house. After taking part in work, he studied sculpture and ancient architectural art in depth. Since 2006, it has tried to use waste cartons and newspapers to build ancient building models. In 2008, the restoration of the ancient city of Datong provided him with an opportunity to observe and learn. In his spare time, he traveled around the ancient building restoration sites in the ancient city, carefully observed, carefully experienced, improved technology, and improved his creative skills, so that his works were not only similar in shape but also similar in spirit. He said that some of the columns, beams, rafters, flying, brackets, ridges, tiles, doors, windows and other objects of ancient buildings are made of printed paper cores and rolled into paper barrels with newspapers. Some are directly spliced with corrugated cardboard of paper boxes and finally combined. These formed paper-plastic models are stacked, cornices are tilted, and brackets are dense and jagged. He vividly produced the miniature model of Datong ancient architecture with exquisite technological means, which conveyed the charm and profound cultural connotation of Datong ancient architecture

at present, Yang Yuguang has produced more than 30 miniature models of Datong ancient buildings. The heaviest one is 5kg, which can be started from a production line on the left, and the lightest one is 2kg, which is convenient to carry and display. Yang Yuguang said that the model of Cao Fu Temple was created in 2016 and is now displayed in Wenxing primary school in Pingcheng district; Yongtai gate tower and Confucian temple Zunjing pavilion are displayed in small 45, Pingcheng district; The paper plastic model of Huayan Pagoda in Huayan Temple has been under construction for 13 major projects in the 20 base. In 17 years, it has participated in the first exhibition and evaluation of workers' handicrafts in the province and won the third prize. It is now displayed in Datong University; The models of Taiping tower and bell tower are now displayed on the third floor of Gulou Antique City; Heyang street of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is displayed in the folk custom museum of Datong ancient city. This model not only has streets and alleys, but also figures. It is a display of the style of the eldest brother and the marketplace; The models of Datong quadrangle, Drum Tower and Kuixing building are now on display in the municipal library

Yang Yuguang said that these paper plastic miniature model works he created were not for profit, but to publicize Datong culture in his own way. Most of the models were displayed in public cultural places and schools in the city, in order to let more people, especially students, understand the beauty of ancient buildings in his hometown. At present, Yang Yuguang has a studio in Wenxing primary school in hepingcheng district as the second classroom for students. He volunteered to teach paper and plastic creation. By teaching children to make components such as bucket arches, sparrows and architraves hand in hand, he let them know the beauty of ancient architectural components, and then combined various components together to let children know the wisdom hidden in the tenon and tenon structure of ancient buildings, so as to have an in-depth understanding of the cultural connotation of ancient buildings in their hometown

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