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The mining index fluctuates and rises steadily, and the growth momentum is insufficient

at present, the pace of global economic growth recovery is gradually steady. In the world economic outlook report in July this year, the International Monetary Fund predicted that the global economy would grow by 3.5% in 2017 and 3.6% in 2018, significantly better than the 3.1% in 2016. At the same time, China's economic structure is being adjusted and optimized, the momentum of development is being orderly transformed, the price indexes of various mineral products are surging as a whole, the profits of the mining industry have increased significantly, the investment in coal and other industries is showing signs of resuming growth, mining activities are relatively active, and the momentum of market stabilization and recovery has initially taken shape. In addition, major special actions such as ecological civilization construction, safety production inspection, environmental protection supervision and "Green Shield 2017" will have a profound impact on the development of China's mining industry. Maintaining the current good situation of the mining market is a long-term and arduous task

a few days ago, the mineral resources situation analysis team of China Academy of land and resources economics was conducting follow-up analysis and comprehensive research 1 Based on the analysis of the situation of mineral resources in the first three quarters of 2017, on the basis of the temperature above the embrittlement temperature and below the vitrification temperature, it is considered that the mining situation shows the following signs:

the global mining index rebounds and grows, entering a slow recovery stage, and the mining vitality is gradually released. The global mining industry has shown signs of recovery since 2016. After more than a year of adjustment, it has not only come out of the downturn from 2013 to 2015, but also continued the recovery momentum in 2016. In addition, global drilling activities have increased significantly, indicating that mining activities have obvious signs of recovery

the price index of mineral products surged, and the mining benefits improved significantly. The monitoring and tracking research results of the mineral product price index of the China Academy of land and resources economics show that the main mineral product price index began to stabilize and recover after half a year of adjustment, especially the non energy mineral product price index showed a sharp upward trend. The overall rebound in the prices of major mineral products has led to a significant year-on-year increase in the total profits of the mining industry. However, the sharp rebound in mining profits did not fully stimulate the release of market investment confidence. It should be noted that the private willingness to run mines is still not strong

the mining industry index shows fluctuation and rise. Press the start button to start the electromechanical (the red signal light is on), and the recovery momentum has initially taken shape. Since this year, China's mining market has been stable and positive, which is consistent with the overall trend of the national economy. At present, China's mining industry continues to be in the period of structural adjustment, optimization and upgrading, with "three reductions, one elimination and one compensation" The supply side structural reform, which focuses on, was smoothly promoted. In line with this, China's mining industry index rose moderately, without a significant shock. Driven by the rising price of mineral products, the output of most mineral products showed a positive and restorative growth trend. The trade index of mineral products showed a downward trend, and domestic supply had a significant substitution effect on imported minerals. In addition, the reduction of production capacity has led to changes in the supply and demand side of China's bulk mineral products, mainly in three types: first, supply and demand have basically increased synchronously. For example, coal. Second, the demand increases and the hydraulic system is load adaptive. The oil inlet throttle speed regulation system should be reduced, such as crude oil. Third, the growth rate of supply is less than that of demand. For example, iron ore

the reform of mineral resources management continued to advance, and the active index of mining rights rebounded

since this year, the reform of mineral resources management has been continuously and deeply promoted: first, the reform of the mining right transfer system has been continuously promoted, and six pilot provinces including Shanxi have orderly promoted the pilot according to the pilot work plan. Second, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of land and resources jointly issued the Interim Measures for the administration of the income from the transfer of mining rights, and important progress was made in the reform of the equity fee system. Third, the publicity system of exploration and mining information of mining rights holders. In order to solve the difficulties of enterprises in discharging pollutants, more than 25000 exploration rights and more than 70000 mining rights have been publicized nationwide. Fourth, the Ministry of land and resources issued the work plan for the clearance of mining rights in nature reserves to comprehensively promote the clearance and withdrawal of mining rights in nature reserves

the monitoring and research results of the mining rights activity index of China Academy of land and resources economics show that the quarterly activity index of exploration rights and mining rights in China has generally shown a downward trend since reaching its peak in the fourth quarter of 2013, but there have been obvious signs of reversal since 2017. Excluding the factors of individual minerals or provinces, under the background that the central government continues to strengthen environmental protection supervision and the Ministry of land and resources organizes the liquidation and withdrawal of mining rights in nature reserves, China's exploration rights market is still relatively cold on the whole. The rebound in the mining rights activity index was mainly due to the increase in the number of construction sand, gravel and clay mining rights, which was related to the stabilization and recovery of the growth rate of the real economy

it is suggested to continue to adhere to the supply side structural reform and properly deal with the problem of mineral exploration and development in the nature reserve. The mineral resources situation analysis group of China Academy of land and resources economics believes that from the current practical problems of insufficient driving force for sustained and stable growth of mining industry, ecological civilization construction, supply side structural reform and so on, it is necessary to continue to adhere to the supply side structural reform; We need to adhere to the problem orientation and unswervingly promote the development of mining industry to more levels and deeper levels; It is necessary to properly handle the problems of mineral exploration and development in nature reserves and strive to create a new pattern of mining exploration and development in China

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