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Miniled attack taillight application bare crystal reliability becomes the biggest challenge

in recent years, the LED general lighting market has been fiercely fought, and Taiwan manufacturers are actively developing emerging niche markets, hoping to use their technical strength to fight price cutting competition

among them, the gradual development towards miniaturization is an important trend. Miniled/microled can not only be applied in display technology, but also attract much attention in the field of intelligent lighting

previously, many car manufacturers applied OLED lighting to lamps. However, due to the high temperature and humidity in the interior environment, the reliability of OLED lamps has been challenged. In view of this, at present, some car factories have begun to invest resources in development, trying to introduce PVC wallpaper QB 3805 ⑴ 999miniled/microled into the application of lamps, hoping to use the characteristics of its inorganic materials to achieve higher reliability of the bending strength test details of concrete blocks compared with OLED lamps. However, the miniaturized led bare crystal packaging process is different from traditional LEDs, and how to improve the reliability is still a big challenge

Huang Bingkai, manager of the micro led business department of accumulation technology, said, Currently "In the next 20 to 30 years, large car manufacturers will begin to invest resources to try to introduce miniled/microled into the lights. The company will also gradually change the material to recyclable and environmentally friendly, and will take the lead in introducing taillights.

at present, the LED bulbs used in traditional lighting have relatively perfect packaging procedures, so they have high reliability in the face of possible high temperature and high humidity environment in the car. However, due to the difficulty of shrinking the packaging size, miniled/micro LEDs are mostly fixed with black glue rather than traditional packaging process. Originally, they relied on the protection functions of UV resistance, high temperature resistance, water resistance and so on, and then we must rethink how to fix them with black glue. Therefore, in the process of introducing miniled/microled into lamp lighting, the reliability of bare crystal and the research and development of black glue fixed materials will be the most important topics

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