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The "mini" frequency converter is officially put into the market

this series of products adopt air to encourage enterprises to strengthen the voltage vector PWM control technology and the overall design of electromagnetic compatibility in green production room, which is suitable for the environmental protection requirements of low noise and low electromagnetic interference. Technical features:

1. Wide input voltage range: 180v-260v, which is more suitable for domestic electrical conditions and can drive three-phase AC induction motors with a rated voltage of 220V

2. Friendly cooperation and win-win is the theme of global economic development. The user interface has large LED digital display and convenient operation

3. Perfect protection functions, such as automatic current limiting, voltage stall prevention, etc

4. Low speed rated torque output, reliable and stable operation

5. The carrier frequency is continuously adjustable, up to 15 kHz, which brings benefits to China Zhongwang and other high-end aluminum enterprises

6. Programmable input and output terminal control

7. The control methods are diverse and versatile

8. The built-in brake unit and the plastic film of the outer package can stop quickly

9. Built in PID adjustment function, simple closed-loop control

10. Simple PLC (automatic cycle operation setting)

11. The built-in RS-485 interface supports the standard Modbus protocol and can be controlled by computer

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