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Minimally invasive software delivered dynamics CRM project for Shenzhen Lufthansa

ctiforum news on January 10 (Yang Yi): minimally invasive software delivered CRM project for Shenzhen Lufthansa Technology Co., Ltd., which was customized and developed according to the business characteristics of Lufthansa

Shenzhen Lufthansa is an important member of Lufthansa AG's global service network, providing aircraft parts services to many airlines. According to its own industry experience in maintenance, repair and operation of the circulation industry, and in combination with the business characteristics of Shenzhen Lufthansa, minimally invasive software provides customers with personalized customized solutions, involving key applications such as customer information integration, business opportunities, sales management, customer service, marketing, budget management, and integrates with the ERP system, SharePoint, outlook, SMS and other platforms of Shenzhen Lufthansa. The project will help Shenzhen Lufthansa save operating costs and greatly improve the work efficiency of employees

this is another new case that the minimally invasive dynamics team has made a breakthrough in selecting benchmark customers in recent years

minimally invasive software appeared at the 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Asia Pacific partners summit

minimally invasive software, which has been established for ten years, established the dynamics team in the second half of 2010. Since the establishment of the company, Minimally invasive software has accumulated rich experience in technology and project management "At present, the strength of materials we have is not enough, and Microsoft has always been full of confidence in the cooperative relationship with minimally invasive. When the Microsoft Dynamics R & D team re selected a strategic partner to carry out the R & D and testing of dyanmics products with it in 2010, minimally invasive stood out by virtue of its role in traditional information technology outsourcing. 6. Generally, we should pay attention to laying a good foundation for changing the maintenance of experimental machines.

Chuang software thinks about how to take out the cooling service from the middle and low-end outsourcing service to the period of transformation to the high-end software consulting and implementation service of the industrial chain. Microsoft Dynamics' R & D outsourcing orders spend on minimally invasive software, which makes the management of minimally invasive have the idea of trying to do Microsoft dynamics solutions, including ERP and CRM consulting and implementation services, to realize the diversification of the company's business, and then extend to the high-end of the service outsourcing industry chain. The management of minimally invasive has invested the best human resources for this emerging dynamics team, with a team of more than 200 people, including more than 130 R & D engineers and more than 70 senior consultants and implementation consultants

in addition to the strong R & D team as the backing, the customer resources accumulated by microport for many years are also one of the important resources of this newly established dynamics team. Combined with the existing customer base of microport, microport dynamics team subdivided the erp/crm market in China and selected seven industries as key industries: government and education, electronic manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, life sciences, circulation, commerce and retail

in each industry, the micro dynamics team will choose several benchmark customers to make breakthroughs. The consultants of dynamics team analyzed and understood the business demands and pain points of typical customers in the industry, and the R & D engineers finally used information technology to help customers solve problems and optimize business processes

the service of the minimally invasive dynamics team was recognized by industry insiders as value for money. For example, when microinvasive was bidding for the marketing center solution of Shenzhen teljia Technology Co., Ltd., a domestic listed company, it was the highest quotation among the three suppliers. But the auto parts company finally chose minimally invasive. At the launch ceremony of the project, the management of Shenzhen terjia would otherwise cause damage to the machine. So, although the price of minimally invasive software is the highest among the three suppliers, I believe their professional experience and serious work style will bring new benefits to our marketing center

in terms of business development mode, the micro dynamics team has also reached strategic cooperation agreements with many international erp/crm suppliers with rich industry experience according to the characteristics of its own development stage, so as to realize complementary advantages and jointly explore the dynamics market in the Asia Pacific region

for example, minimally invasive software has reached a strategic agreement with Swedish ABSALON software company, which is also Microsoft's gold partner. The two sides will work together to jointly explore the markets of dynamics CRM solutions in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Japan. ABSALON has been committed to providing customized dynamics CRM solutions for customers in the fields of life sciences, consumer goods and professional services (such as management consulting, legal affairs, accounting, training, etc.). This cooperation will realize the integration of ABSALON's technical advantages and the advantages of minimally invasive software's extensive customer base

the growth of minimally invasive dynamics team is the best proof for enterprises to expand upstream of the service outsourcing industry chain

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