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Mini LED market boom is coming: Taiwan manufacturers are about to mass produce. Local manufacturers should pay close attention to the layout

at this stage, there are still many technologies to be solved for micro LED display. Many manufacturers turn to mini LED backlight solutions and are expected to achieve mass production this year. At present, Taiwan LED suppliers are actively expanding Mini LED application products, including crystal, Lunda, Youda, etc

Jingdian actively cultivates the field of mini led, and the project has made rapid progress in the field of mini led. It will display Mini LED related products in touch Taiwan in August this year. The products will be applied in small-scale applications such as small spacing displays and medium-sized devices such as flat panels and displays. Jingdian said that the intelligent model is expected to achieve mass production and shipment in the third quarter. According to foreign investors, Jingdian will ship Mini LED products to Huawei in the second half of this year, which is expected to account for 3% to 5% of its revenue in the second half of this year. Medium Size Mini LEDs are most likely to be shipped in the fourth quarter. It is estimated that mini LED products will account for 20% - 25% of the overall revenue of crystal power in 2020. However, recently, it still faces the problems of yield, repair and cost after being put into production, and the progress is slightly behind expectations. Jingdian expressed its hope to provide customers with overall solutions this year, not just LED chips

since 2018, Londa electronics has actively carried out strategic layout. In addition to continuously adjusting the product portfolio and converging the lighting finished product business, it has also accelerated the construction of a new factory in Chuzhou and promoted the technological research and development of mini led and micro led. Recently, Lunda said at the shareholders' meeting that in terms of mini led, the company's product progress is smooth, and some customers have verified it, and will ship small quantities in the third quarter, which will be applied to high-level displays and laptops. Londa electronics said that the proportion of mini led in revenue this year is still small. When the mini LED backlight products are shipped in scale in the fourth quarter of this year, the proportion of mini led in revenue next year is expected to exceed 10%

at present, the company's customer applications mainly include E-sports laptops, vehicle panels, medical displays, high-level professional graphics displays and other high-level products. The drive IC factory has accumulated some achievements in the development of mini LED technology jointly with the Taiwan Industrial Research Institute. Jiji said that the company has introduced Mini LED technology into the supply chain and sent samples to mainland brands. It is expected to mass produce Mini LED backlight drive IC in the fourth quarter and start mass production in the first quarter of 19. At the same time, in the second half of 2018, mini LED displays and TV related customized products will be available. It is expected that min led displays and other products will contribute to revenue in the first half of 2019. In addition to the market layout, Jiji also cooperates with customers in the fields of wearable products and virtual reality headgear, and will also have the opportunity to receive orders next year

qunchuang actively researched and developed micro LED panels, and first turned to the development of mini LED backlight, combining Mini led with LCD. The industry-leading group innovation proposed to use the active matrix (AM) TFT circuit to drive the AM Mini led architecture, which completely solves the cost and lightness problems in the design and production of mini led. Qunchuang's layout on mini led mainly focuses on vehicle use. Qunchuang optoelectronics released a 10.1-inch Ammini LED technology vehicle backlight display at CES 2018, which has been transformed from a traditional side entry backlight to a direct backlight with high contrast, so as to increase the clarity of driving display and improve driving safety. Qunchuang uses am Mini led with soft substrate as the best solution for backlight required by special-shaped/curved LCD. At present, the company has cooperated with many car factory customers and is expected to mass produce and ship in two years. However, qunchuang said that there will be a secret weapon this year, and it is expected that am Mini LED will be put into mass production in the second half of the year. In addition, through the investment of its subsidiary Qunyi, qunchuang became the largest legal shareholder of Guangxing in March this year, further mastering the supply of LED parts and components, and providing support and guarantee for the R & D and production of mini led and subsequent micro led

Youda is active in the R & D and production of mini led. The company has begun to provide customers with samples of mini led backlit LCD panel for game display for customer verification. It is expected to achieve mass production of mini led for E-sports display in the fourth quarter of 2018. And follow up the production of mini led for E-sports laptops, and VR related Mini LED products are also being prepared. During Sid Display Week 2018 held in Los Angeles, USA from May 22 to 24, Youda showed a series of mini LED backlight LCD panels, showing its progress in the development of mini LED backlight technology. The exhibits include a 27 inch ultra high definition (UHD) 144hz high refresh rate game display panel, a 15.6 inch ultra high definition LTPS game notebook panel, a 6-inch cell touch panel for intelligence, and a 2-inch LTPS panel for VR headphones

Hongqi said at the shareholders' meeting that the company focused on display screens, vehicle panels and other products, and strengthened the research and development of mini led and RFID chips and other products. In the miniled part, the four Mini LEDs developed by Hongqi are combined into a mini cob packaging product, which can be applied to the LED screens of cinemas. At present, delivery has begun, and the use of mini LEDs is under certification

Yiguang said that the company will actively adjust its operation direction. At present, its product development focuses on niche products such as mini led, automotive and invisible light. With the wide application of LED, smart cities, smart cars, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and wearable devices are emerging, and the demand for LED is also greatly increased. At present, Yiguang Mini LED products are sending samples, and mass production is expected to start in the fourth quarter, which will be applied to automotive and related products. At present, its automotive products have entered the first-class car factories in Europe and the United States, including headlights, taillights, interior and exterior lighting, and will be shipped from the third quarter of this year. It is estimated that automotive products will contribute more than 10% of Yiguang's revenue this year

local manufacturers pay close attention to the layout of mini led

with many manufacturers in Taiwan actively expanding the application products of mini led, mainland manufacturers also began to follow suit and pay close attention to the development of mini led layout and related technical products. In mid January, zhaochi said at the event that the company's existing equipment can be used for the production of mini LED products, and will further carry out the technical research and development of mini led, so as to make a good technical reserve that is less than the world average of 50:50

Huacan optoelectronics, currently the second largest LED chip supplier in China, has launched relatively mature chip products on mini blue light chips for backlight applications to mini RGB chips for display applications. Related products have been recognized by more customers, leading the development of some product sizes. The company said that the mass production process of its related products will be carried out according to the launch of end products and market promotion

in February, the wholly-owned subsidiary of San'an optoelectronics signed an advance payment agreement with Samsung Electronics. In order to establish a long-term business partnership, Samsung Electronics will pay Xiamen San'an 16.83 million US dollars in advance in exchange for a certain number of LED chips for display products ("display screens") produced by Xiamen San'an production line. Xiamen San'an and Samsung Electronics will continue to discuss micro led strategic cooperation, When Xiamen San'an reaches mass production capacity, Samsung Electronics will consider Xiamen San'an as the primary supplier and negotiate a supply agreement acceptable to both parties

in March, dry lighting optoelectronics said at the event that the mini LED display and mini LED backlight, which are mainly studied, have been sent samples. The company plans that after June this year, mini LED display and mini LED TV or backlight products will have a large-scale process, and it is expected to achieve mass production in 2019

in April, Ruifeng optoelectronics showed in the announcement of the raised investment project that Jin Min has finally developed micro foaming injection molding grade PP with good surface appearance quality, and Ruifeng optoelectronics has the packaging production capacity of mini led. Ruifeng optoelectronics has an early layout in mini LED technology and has made some progress in some key technologies. The company said that it has made cooperative development with international well-known communication companies in using mini LED backlight display module and flexible curved Mini LED packaging display technology, and achieved small batch production

in June, Guoxing optoelectronics publicly displayed Mini led for the first time during Infocomm audio visual exhibition in the United States and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. This mini led adopts integrated mounted devices (IMD) technology, which breaks through the traditional design thinking, integrates the advantages of SMD and cob, and solves the problems of ink color consistency, light color consistency, splicing, light leakage, maintenance, etc. at the same time, the multi-dimensional LED display reduces the manufacturing cost. Guoxing optoelectronics Mini LED is expected to be widely used in the display and backlight fields of small and medium-sized aquapro 37 series, which belongs to the PORON polyurethane family. The tensile, peeling, tearing, tightening and other mechanical property experiments of the samples are completed. The introduction of this mini led accelerates the industry to enter p0 X era

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