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Three tricks for CRM to crack the death hole of sales management

as a business department, sales plays a decisive role in the development of enterprises. But how to do well in sales management is a difficult problem for many enterprises. For example, the management of some companies only give target figures to sales managers, but do not guide them to formulate implementation plans; Many enterprises have formulated various work contents in their sales plans, but each item has not been specifically quantified to each sales representative. Even, some salesmen don't know how to make their own sales plan, etc

the sales management system of the enterprise is not perfect, just like a wooden bucket without a board, which cannot hold water. Not only will the enthusiasm of employees be reduced, but also the profit development space of the enterprise will become limited. At this time, enterprises must establish a perfect sales management system to open up the dead hole of sales management. The CRM system of 800 customers provides a set of perfect sales management tools to help the sales team greatly improve efficiency and productivity in every link of the sales process. Through 800app-crm, you can control the initial potential customer search, sales opportunity research, and later order production and delivery in an orderly manner

1. Make a comprehensive sales plan

as the saying goes, without rules, nothing can be achieved. If there is no systematic plan, it is likely to be useless in the end. Some enterprises are very greedy for the speed of market expansion, and they hope to get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, they are better at raking grass and beating rabbits than making sales management plans. In fact, a reasonable and realistic sales plan can reflect both market crisis and market opportunities during the implementation process. At the same time, it is also the key to strict management and ensure the efficiency and strength of sales work

800the core content of the sales plan management of app-crm system is the reasonable decomposition of sales objectives in all important aspects. These aspects include products, regions, customers, salespersons, settlement methods, sales methods, time schedule, etc. The process of goal decomposition is both a process of implementation and a process of persuasion. At the same time, the rationality and challenge of goals can be tested through decomposition, and problems can be adjusted in time

2. Quantitative management of the sales process

if you can't monitor all kinds of information that occurs in the process of enterprise sales management, especially if there is no timely institutional information feedback, enterprise sales work will have problems. For example, some enterprise receivables continue to occur and cannot be corrected, and some similar damage events caused to the company occur repeatedly and cannot be cured. It's not terrible if there is a problem in enterprise sales. The terrible thing is that the enterprise can't find the problems in all links of enterprise marketing activities in time, and make timely feedback in management, so that these problems can be solved quickly without causing major harm to the enterprise. Said the vice president of 800 customers

the CRM system of 800 customers can record the business rules and basic information such as personnel authority, sales stage, customer category, sales area, action specification, etc., so that the salesperson can manage the managed customers, contacts, opportunities, etc. in an orderly manner according to the unified business rules within the scope of his authorization; In the sales process, through the action arrangements and action records associated with specific customers, contacts and opportunities, set detailed tracking plans and automatically generate personnel work schedule charts (by day, week, month and year), realize the personnel schedule and tracking records based on specific actions for each customer and opportunity (project), so as to realize the quantitative management of the sales process based on actions

3. Result management is the key

result management is sometimes very important, which determines the strength of the sales team when the signal of market expansion at this time is to imitate the signal. For sales managers, information is the life of enterprise decision-making. Being in the front line of the market, you should know the market trends, the characteristics of consumers' needs, the changes of competitors, and the requirements of dealers best. These information should be fed back to the enterprise in time, which is of great significance for decision-making. 5. Stopping the experiment without breaking the experiment. On the other hand, the problems existing in the marketing activities should also be reported to the superior quickly, Based on the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the use stage, the sales management can make timely countermeasures. However, many enterprises have not established a systematic business reporting system and have not collected and fed back information in time

Jany said that

800app-crm system includes two aspects: performance evaluation and market information collection. Performance evaluation includes sales volume and payment collection, implementation of sales reporting system, control of sales expenses, compliance with sales management, market planning and progress; Market information includes the performance of the company, competitor information, etc. this information feedback function has opened up the big hole of sales management

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