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Review of objective factors affecting the rise of waste paper prices in 2017

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core tip: 2017 has passed a month, but this year's waste paper market is unforgettable to all practitioners. Since 2017, the purchase price of waste paper has been rising continuously, and the period has also been mixed with ups and downs and painful "waste paper robbery", which has made some people earn "pots full", and some people mock themselves as "returning to the pre liberation overnight"...

[China Packaging News] a month has passed since 2017, but this year's waste paper market is unforgettable to all practitioners. Since 2017, the purchase price of waste paper has been rising continuously, and the period has also been mixed with ups and downs and painful "waste paper robbery", which has made some people earn "pots full", and some people mock themselves as "returning to the pre liberation overnight"...

in this article, we will review the impact of 2017 on the rise in waste paper prices to see some objective factors that affect the changes in waste paper prices

exchange rate, import and export policies, etc.

waste paper is an important raw material for the production of finished paper. Due to the current imperfect recycling system in our country, coupled with the rich classification experience abroad, and it also contains more wood fibers, which can better ensure the quality of recycled paper. Therefore, in our country, even if the government has set a large threshold at the import end, the volume is also much lower than in the past, but large paper mills still need to rely on imports

with import trade, commodity prices must be related to exchange rates and national import and export policies

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one of the reasons for the rise in the price of waste paper is mainly the contraction of the supply side, which is affected by the exchange rate

since the first quarter of 2017, the US dollar index has continued to decline, and the relative depreciation of the US dollar will correspondingly drive the rise in the price of imported waste paper denominated in US dollars

in addition to the impact of the exchange rate, there are also reasons why China plans to ban the import of unsorted waste paper and strengthen environmental protection to control the supply, which also causes most paper enterprises to transfer costs through price increases

the series of "foreign ban orders" issued in 2017 have been upgraded from import restrictions to import bans

it is forbidden to import mixed waste, which is mainly used to produce gray bottom whiteboard. In addition, box board/corrugated paper factories also partially use mixed waste as a supplement. The introduction of this policy has prompted domestic factories to increase the recycling of national waste, and driven by the cost, the price of domestic mixed waste and other waste paper has risen

domestic environmental protection policies are becoming more and more strict

after the successful convening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the national attention to the ecological environment has risen to an unprecedented position, resulting in more stringent environmental protection policies in China, which has a great impact on the highly polluting paper industry. This high-pressure situation is believed to continue throughout 2018 and even in the future, even more stringent

▼ looking back on 2017

as far as policies are concerned, the State Administration of work safety officially issued a document on August 3, announcing that 16 inspection teams would be dispatched in early August to carry out a major inspection of work safety in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country; The 25th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress voted to pass the environmental protection tax law, and the environmental protection tax will be levied on January 1, 2018

in terms of implementation, environmental protection supervision has been upgraded, and joint law enforcement departments have been established throughout the country to implement strict supervision on high pollution enterprises, which has a great impact on many industries. (for example, closing down and relocating paper mills in Fuyang area, severely punishing illegal enterprises, etc.)

this also causes paper enterprises to consider the scale to transform them into carbon dioxide and nitrogen effects harmless to human body and the environment in terms of investment in environmental protection equipment, and the environmental protection cost of small paper enterprises is higher. As the implementation of environmental protection becomes stricter, small enterprises have to increase investment, and the cost per ton of paper will also increase significantly. This also indirectly led to the situation that many enterprises raised the purchase price in early August of 2017

too much market volatility caused "panic"

the early price rise based on market supply and demand was continuously rising in the face of the successive impact of the import of foreign garbage policy and the introduction of environmental protection policies. From a certain point of view, this price rise is "panic" and there are also some "interference" from human factors

for example, the paper mills jointly raised prices, and large paper mills formed a tacit understanding with each other. On the one hand, they stopped production for maintenance to ensure reasonable market supply, on the other hand, they actively purchased raw materials, which not only drove the price of waste paper, but also promoted the upward market of paper products

▼ looking back on 2017

last year, the highest price of waste paper exceeded 3000 yuan/ton, while the previous year, it only doubled

for example, in September of 2017, the price of waste paper was about 2960 yuan/ton, while in the same period of 2016, the price was only 1240 yuan/ton, with an increase of 139%

we all experience that these special materials are also used in various uses that regard light weight and high strength as the key elements. In 2017, the price of waste paper fell precipitously after the National Day holiday, which means that the rising idealism does not exist. In addition to the above uncertain objective factors, the rise and fall are mainly affected by market supply and demand

in this article, I hope you can have a clear idea of the price trend in the new year, and also allow yourself to make basic predictions and take precautions against unnecessary losses, and even seize the opportunity in 2018

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