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Coating enterprises' inventory pressure restricts development

coating enterprises' inventory pressure restricts development

January 19, 2017

[China coating information]

many coating enterprises with relatively weak strength have been eliminated in the tide of market competition. With the increase of competitive pressure, more and more enterprises begin to have negative emotions. Now that the general environment is generally depressed, the inventory pressure of the coating industry continues to increase, This will have a significant impact on the future development of the industry

the warehouse knows where the materials are suitable, and the storage pressure restricts development.

the lack of business makes many enterprises' product inventory more and more large, small-scale and small-scale enterprises, whose inventory products have been piled up in the warehouse, and the open space of the plant is also white. The person in charge of a home furnishing enterprise said that in the past, he was worried about not receiving OEM orders. Now, he is worried all over the United States that the enterprises that place orders for the products they produce did not pull, and there is no place to stack the products. The competition in the coating industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and many enterprises have some deficiencies. Now the growth rate is slowing down or even the order is declining. Under this situation, if they expand production capacity again, it is likely to lead to overcapacity, and finally they can only fall into the prison of price war

in this regard, coating enterprises need to open up new market strategies. If we view the digested inventory from the perspective of the whole market, the better way is to open up new markets or fill the blank spots in the market, and require dealers to expand the sales network of products within the specified sales area as much as possible to increase the sales surface of products. Opening up new markets can provide some support to dealers, such as providing a delivery truck, requiring dealers to use it for product distribution and give it as a gift after achieving the goal

new and old channels go hand in hand

in consolidating the traditional channel model, Charles page, global marketing director of GLS thermoplastics elastomers of PolyOne, also believes that in the process of developing and expanding new marketing channels, many enterprises have also realized the importance of brand building and have increased the intensity of advertising. However, brand building through advertising alone is far from enough. Brand added value determines consumers' recognition of publicity results. Therefore, the foundation of brand building is to ensure product quality and continuously improve brand added value. Only by laying a good foundation for quality and continuously improving the added value of products, can enterprises build a brand with popularity and reputation and be trusted by consumers

enterprises strive to build brands

coating enterprises need to establish professional brand planning departments, continue to build brand culture, guide the promotion and operation of market work with the height of brand culture, penetrate brand culture into all operation links of the enterprise, and extend and integrate brand culture into different cultural connotations in all fields of society. The combined brand culture uses "social business" marketing behavior to improve the space of coating in market competition, which not only makes the newly defined marketing application play a continuous positive role on the platform of channel, but also creates great benefits and values for the coating industry

high inventory pressure is a fatal factor for enterprise development. With the continuous development of science and technology, consumer demand will also change. Therefore, enterprises need to expand channel construction, do a good job in brand building, and try to avoid the emergence of overcapacity, so that enterprises can win development

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