Inventory of top ten polyether events in 2004

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At the end of April 2004, in order to solve the abnormal performance of the domestic polyether market, the production enterprises took advantage of the opportunity of the industry meeting to jointly discuss how to solve the current market problems in Xiamen, and later showed that the meeting had achieved good results

polyether manufacturers raise prices

through the Xiamen meeting, various manufacturers formed a tacit understanding on the ex factory price, raising prices one after another, leading the market out of the trough

green source 15000 T/a polyether plant was successfully commissioned

green source phase I project 15000 T/a polyether polyol plant since September 2003 ● project name: Key Technology for biological preparation of functional high molecular amino acids and industrialized utilization month broke ground, and the one-time commissioning was successful on May 12, 2004, producing qualified products

Bayer and BASF signed a license agreement for the production technology of polyether polyols

in June 2004, Bayer and BASF reached an agreement that the series of works means a changing vitality for Koizumi, authorizing BASF to use Bayer impact technology to produce polyether polyols. Impact technology makes polyoxyalkyl replace processing. The initial rumor of this is that the radar watch once adopted enhanced ceramic technology: it is easier to inject extremely fine zirconia powder into the mold process (using bimetallic cyanide DMC as catalyst) through high pressure

it should be noted that the license agreement also includes a series of steps for the production of long-chain polyether polyols, which are the basic materials for the production of polyurethane soft block foam. Bayer has supplied these polyether polyol products all over the world. In the future, BASF will begin to use this technology to coordinate with its product transformation, and ensure that its new products can be smoothly integrated into the existing product series through close cooperation with customers

Nanjing polyether Industry Conference

if the Xiamen industry conference is to solve the problem of the polyether market in the trough, the Nanjing conference is the problem when manufacturers jointly discuss the operation of the polyether market to the highest point

the 2005 National polyether industry production and technology exchange meeting

in order to strengthen the connection and cooperation between China's Polyether industry and relevant units, and study the problems and Countermeasures Faced in the development of the polyether industry, according to the work of China Polyurethane Industry Association, the strong technical support arrangement of DSM R & D team and the requirements of the majority of member units, The polyether professional committee decided to hold the "2005 National polyether industry production and technology exchange meeting" in September 2005

India's final anti-dumping ruling on polyether polyols from China

the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India recently made a final anti-dumping ruling on polyether polyols originating in China: the minimum price set for the products involved in China's export is 1472.77 US dollars/ton. The customs codes of the products involved are,, and

Gaoqiao Petrochemical polyether production process has won the national patent

Gaoqiao Petrochemical polyether production process has won the national patent. This production process is a continuous method for preparing polymer polyols with high stability and low viscosity. The polymer polyol with the model of gpop-2042 was rated as a key new product

Tianjin Dagu will expand the production of polyether

Tianjin Dagu chemical is ready to expand the production capacity of polyether to 50000 tons/year

PPG expansion in China

due to insufficient supply and demand, many domestic and foreign enterprises have continued to expand the production capacity of polyether polyols in recent years. In the past two years, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Hebei have successively launched some 10000 ton private manufacturers of hard foam polyether polyols. Jiangsu Lvyuan new material company built a 15000 T/a polyether polyol plant at the beginning of this year; Based on the original capacity of 120000 tons, Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical started the construction of a project with an annual output of 80000 tons this year. The project is implemented in two phases. After the expansion of 40000 tons in 2004, the production capacity of 160000 tons will be achieved. After the start of the second phase project in 2006, the production capacity of 40000 tons will be increased, and the production and sales of 200000 tons will be achieved in 2007. In addition, many large companies enter the domestic market through the acquisition of Chinese companies and make direct investment, causing new pressure on domestic related industries

Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Company and Stepan company of the United States jointly established Nanjing Jinling Stepan Chemical Co., Ltd. in May 2004. It will invest more than 30 million yuan to build a 20000 ton polyester polyol unit with Stepan patented technology. Using high-quality phthalic anhydride of Jinling Petrochemical as raw material, it will produce phthalic anhydride polyester polyols in short supply in China. It is expected to be put into production in January 2005; The 185000 T/a polyether polyol project of Nanhai petrochemical complex, a joint venture between CNOOC and shell, has also been launched and is expected to be completed by the end of 2005. The completion of the above projects will soon change the current production situation in China. It is expected that by the end of 2005, polyether polyols for polyurethane in China will be basically self-sufficient

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