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The general transmission mechanism of the double aluminum packaging machine

[Abstract] the experimental machine enters the normal test state. The utility model discloses the general transmission mechanism of the double aluminum packaging machine. The mechanism uses a mechanical speed regulating motor to drive gears and intermediate wheels through a chain to drive three spline shafts. Six driving bevel gears on the three spline shafts drive six passive gears, the corresponding fixed and floating two die rollers and four longitudinal and transverse indentation rollers, Because the passive bevel gear is flexibly matched on the spline, the position can be changed correspondingly in response to the change of the die roll diameter worm gear reducer (now many products have combined deceleration and electromechanical), so that when the packaging variety is changed and the diameter of the two die rolls is often changed, neither of the master and slave transmission parts in the box need to be replaced

[sovereignty item] 1. A general transmission mechanism of double aluminum packaging machine in automotive plastics, including mechanical stepless speed regulation motor, sprocket group, gear group, die roll, indentation roll and rotating shaft, which is characterized in that the rotating shaft is spline shaft (5), (15), (25), and the spline shaft (5), (15), (25) is provided with driving umbrella gears (6), (7), (16), (17), (26), (27) and transmission gears (12), (14), (24), The die roll is divided into floating die roll (29) and centering die roll (31). The active umbrella gear (6), (7), (16), (17), (26), (27) is meshed with the passive umbrella gear (8), (10), (18), (20), (28), (30) on the die roll (29), (31) and the vertical and horizontal pressure, ak-t. such impact experiments at different temperatures are called series impact experiments. The trace roll (9), (11), (19), (21) is meshed with the transmission gear (12), (14), (24) through the intermediate wheel (13), (22) (23), the two ends of the floating die roll (29) are installed in the sliding blocks (36) and (37) through copper sleeves (32) and (33), the centring die roll (31) is installed in another group of sliding blocks through copper sleeves (34) and (35), the sliding blocks (36) and (37) are connected with cylinder shafts (38) and (39) and set in the sliding block groove, the sliding blocks (36) and (37) can move in the sliding block groove, and the sliding block (37) is provided with a driving rod, The driving rod is placed in the groove at the tail of the umbrella gear (26), the bevel gear on the spline shaft can move on the spline shaft, and the die rollers (29) and (31) are equipped with electric heating devices

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