General technical conditions of the hottest grain

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General technical conditions of grain and oil processing machinery

General technical conditions of grain and oil processing machinery

Product packaging


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1 subject content and scope of application

this standard specifies the technical requirements, test and inspection rules of product packaging

this standard is applicable to grain and oil processing machinery products

2 quoted standards

GB 153.2 grading of Coniferous sawn timber

GB 4817.2 grading of broad-leaved sawn timber

GB 1413 external dimensions and quality series of cargo containers

GB 1834 minimum internal dimensions of general-purpose containers

GB 4879 rust proof packaging

GB 191 pictorial signs for packaging, storage and transportation

GB 1349 coniferous plywood

GB 4896~4905 particleboard

gb 1923 hardboard

gb 324 carton board

gb 605 n Leather case paperboard

gb 738 hardwood plywood

3 terminology

this machine provides accurate data for the inspection of electric power enterprises, coal mine machinery and equipment, safety production inspection institute, technical supervision and other industries. According to 3.1 lattice box

each box surface is composed of hard plate-like materials with a certain interval

3.2 closed box

a fully closed packing box composed of hard plate-like materials on each box surface

3.3 skid

it is loaded at the bottom of the box along the length of the box, and it is a component that carries products, lifts and slides packages

3.4 sleepers

are arranged vertically with skids, and two or more skids are connected to form a component of the base to carry products

4 technical requirements for packaging

the manufacturer shall select appropriate internal and external packaging and packaging materials according to the product characteristics and storage and transportation conditions, so as to ensure the integrity of the products in the technical conditions of Rockwell hardness scale (table 2-2) on the production surface

4.1 preparation of product packaging

4.1.1 the product shall be inspected and meet the product standard before packaging???? Joan D? ??? Accurate

and there is no section shear stress within this range. 4.1.2 the product should be cleaned before packaging, and all surfaces that need rust prevention should be derusted, cleaned and oiled according to the provisions of GB 4879

4.1.3 packaging materials all needle and broad-leaved trees can be used as packaging materials, but the structures such as skids, sleepers and frames should be mainly pine or wood similar to pine the moisture content of skids, sleepers and skids shall not be greater than 30%, and the moisture content of box plates shall be???? Joan D? ??? The water ratio is not more than 25% the materials of main bearing components such as skids, sleepers and frames shall not be lower than the second-class materials specified in GB 153.2 and GB 4817.2. The box board is sawn and generally not planed when skids and sleepers are replaced by materials other than wood, they shall undergo safety tests and meet relevant standards plywood for box making shall comply with the provisions of 1349 and GB 378 the particleboard for box making shall comply with the provisions of GB 4896~4905 the hard fibreboard used for box making shall comply with the provisions of GB 1923 the cardboard used for cartoning shall comply with the provisions of QB 324 and QB 605

4.1.4 packing box packing box structure packing box structure shall be designed according to product (package) characteristics, packaging weight, transportation requirements and packaging methods generally, the width of the grating used in the lattice box is not less than 80mm, and the width of the side plate is not less than 100mm. The gap between the grating plates should be determined according to the size of the packed items in the box, and generally should not be greater than 150mm. If necessary, reed mats, bamboo mats or wicker braids can be nailed in the lattice box, and waterproof layers such as linoleum can be nailed as needed the felt used for the waterproof layer shall be overlapped, and the overlapping length shall not be less than 40mm. And use small wooden strips to compress and nail firmly the box plate can be spliced with flat butt joint, blank holder staggered joint or mortise joint. If it is not specified in the drawings and technical documents, it shall be butt jointed with flat joint generally, the height of the skid should not exceed 200mm. Half of the height of both ends of the skid should be made into a guide angle of 45 ° ~55 ° for some technical patents used by Bochuang bu6800 (excluding the technical patents under application). when the product is fixed on the base plate through the skid, the cross-section of the sleeper is generally the same as that of the skid if the length (width) of the box is greater than 1500, columns should be added; If the box height is greater than 600mm, diagonal bracing shall be added when the product is fixed on the base plate through the skid, the cross section of the sleeper is generally the same as that of the skid the thickness of the wall panel can be selected according to table 1 according to the weight of the packaging

normal align=center> weight of packaged goods (kg)

normal align=center> thickness of wall panel (mm)

normal align=center> ≤ 1000

normal align=center>15

normal align=center> 1000~5000

normal align=center>18

normal align=center> 5000

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