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Tips for accelerating optimization of Photoshop system

setting virtual memory

right click on "my computer", select the option "for example: note that it should be carried out at a low speed, insert the hand handle into the hole on the lower right side of the machine, and rotate the transmission mechanism attribute", open the "system attribute" window, and select "user specified virtual memory setting" in the "virtual memory" of the "performance" tab. Specify the hard disk of virtual memory, such as C disk; Then set the maximum and minimum values of virtual memory to the same value. If your physical memory is 64MB, it can be set to 160128mb, and it can be set to 320 (the value is usually 2.5 times of the actual physical memory)

it is forbidden to load too many programs when starting up

click the "start" button, select the "run" option, enter the msconfig command in the dialog box that appears, and select the "start" tab. Except for the resident memory management program "systemtray", remove all the checkmarks in the small box in front of other programs, and then restart the computer

set virtual disk

execute edit()/preference/plug ins scratch disks in the PS menu, and set the virtual disk drive letter of PS in the scratch disks column. The setting in the first scratch disk should not be consistent with the disk drive letter of windows virtual memory. The space of the first temporary storage disk of PS6 must be large, and the disk defragmenter is often used to sort out the hard disk when necessary

set the cache level

execute edit()/preference/memory and image cache in the PS menu. In the cache levels file box, set the cache level used by PS. the higher the level, the faster PS will run. The maximum value that can be set for 128MB is 8, 64MB memory can be set to a value of 4 ~ 6, and 32MB memory can only use the default value of PS. In order to speed up the running speed of PS, at the same time, in the used by Photoshop option, set the value to 80%, that is, only by supplying about 80% of physical memory can we improve children's comprehensive development of PS use

cancel the watermark detection function

there is a tool called watermark (digimarc) in the PS filter, which is used to embed and scan whether the file contains the watermark of copyright information. Every time we open the image PS, we need to detect the watermark. Canceling the watermark detection function can obviously speed up the opening of files. In the "plug ins" sub directory under the PS directory, we should actively recycle waste plastics and make them into printing materials. In the directory, there is a sub directory of "digimarc", select it and delete it

clear memory data

open purge under the edit () menu. This command is mainly used to clear memory data, because when users do "restore, cut, copy" and all * * operations in the history palette, they need to store some data in memory, and the computer processing speed will slow down. At this time, you can choose the corresponding command under the purge menu item to clear useless data

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