General trend of standardization in powder machine

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Standardization of pharmaceutical machinery industry has become the general trend of industry development

in the pharmaceutical machinery product market, people used to be very practical and enthusiastic about the market operation of products, ignoring the relationship between standards and products, standards and enterprises, standards and the existing capacity of 57000 tons of spandex of Huafeng spandex, so that standards are often in a position of neglect. At present, with the continuous development of the industry, the requirements are increasing, Standardization has become the general trend of industry development

now the industry standard is not completely a concept formed in the past. The effect of the standard complements each other in the organic combination with market competition. The market competition promotes the horizontal and vertical development of the standard work to the breadth and depth, so that the once neglected standard begins to truly highlight its standard instinct again. Therefore, using standards to improve the competitiveness of enterprises' products and expand the influence of standards on the market have become new issues in the current standardization research and discussion

the market mechanism has enabled different types of enterprises to join the production field of pharmaceutical machinery. In recent years, the production of pharmaceutical machinery products has presented a new regional production pattern, which has intensified the competition of similar products, making serious repetitive production promote the competition in their market

the market no longer cares about the attributes and scale of enterprises. All kinds of enterprises can show their abilities to seek survival and development under the rules of the market, so that products can naturally complete the process of survival of the fittest in the market environment. In this process, without administrative and human intervention, the rules for measuring products depend on standards, and with standards, quality can become evaluable, Only with quality can there be competition in a broad sense, that is, on the basis of different fixtures. 1 Just like the test machine, fixtures and assistive devices wear out after a long time of use, which is a new market concept

when exploring the way to win in the competition of enterprise products, it is found that on the basis of acceptable product quality in the current period, most winners have their bright spots in standards, patents, high-tech, energy conservation and efficiency, services, including talent ideas, among which the bright spots of standards are reflected in the past two years

therefore, improving the standards of industry development and constantly standardizing the development have become an effective prerequisite for the mature and orderly development of the pharmaceutical machinery market. Pharmaceutical enterprises should fully understand this and constantly meet the standards of industry development

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