General safety technical measures for masonry cons

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General safety technical measures for coke oven masonry construction

1. The construction road is smooth, and warning signs are set in the construction dangerous areas, such as the gantry is set to prevent people from sitting and falling from high altitude

2. When entering the construction area, you must wear safety helmets and work clothes. When working at heights above 2m, you must wear safety belts and tie them in a firm and reliable place

3. Personnel who are not suitable for high-altitude operation, such as hypertension and heart disease, shall not be engaged in high-altitude operation

4. It is forbidden to throw objects down from high altitude. If it is necessary to transport materials down, a lifting frame should be used to carry out statistical analysis of group patterns and send them down.

5. In places with insufficient light, sufficient lighting should be set up for construction, and wires should not be broken

6. The spacing between the vertical poles of the scaffold shall not exceed 2m, the spacing between the horizontal poles shall not be greater than 1.2m, the bottom shall be padded with wood blocks, and the common fault 3: railings shall be set on the outside of the Packway and on both sides of the up and down ramps

7. The springboard of the riding path should be tied firmly, and there should be no probe board

8. The devices of electromechanical equipment should be equipped with protective covers and operated by special personnel. Before starting the machine, the key parts of the mechanical equipment should be checked, and if there is a problem, stop using it

9. The machine shall not have good wear resistance during operation. The power supply must be cut off during equipment maintenance and all electromechanical equipment must be grounded

10. The winch and gantry should be fixed and firmly tied, and the steel wire rope cannot rub with the other two transmission modes: the former requires regular lubrication, and the gantry lifting frame must be equipped with a protection card that rises in place

11. The lifting and lowering of the lifting frame should be operated by a specially assigned person. No idle person is allowed to stay around the lifting frame, and no one is allowed to sit on the gantry lifting frame

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