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The overall trend of analytical instruments and meters

it is reported that in 2010, the growth rate of production and sales of the instrument industry entered a historical high, of which the annual production and sales exceeded 500billion yuan for the first time, and the profit growth rate reached 46.65%. The total annual profit, monthly average profit and year-on-year growth rate reached a new high

instruments and meters will gradually move towards intelligence, networking, virtualization, etc., to meet the development of society and mankind. Instruments and meters will create a brilliant world in the next decade

with the parallel development of microprocessors and artificial intelligence technology, the instrument and meter industry is developing towards intelligence, that is, the instrument and meter of intelligent robots. This intelligent development also increases rapidly with the digitization of science and technology and the improvement of intelligent level, which will make people's life easier

according to different fatigue failure situations, there are different fatigue analysis methods. In order to make life more convenient, scientific and technological personnel will develop instruments and meters in a small direction, just as Secretary General Ma Zhanfeng told the development of computers. A small chip can store tens of thousands of commands, which is not only a reduction in volume, but also an increase in the accuracy of instruments and meters. Errors do not affect the needs of production

instrumentation has also begun to make inroads into networking, such as instrumentation automation, multi instrument networking, multimedia, virtual instrumentation, and so on. Combined with the latest scientific and technological equipment, through the wide area and local area direct control of instruments and meters, the management of the company, business integration, and the organization: the analysis of patterns, and so on. Through this platform, instrument enterprises can communicate directly with customers, breaking through the limitations of the world and space. The exchange of direct station information, expert remote instruments and meters for deformation measurement of composite laminates, etc. there are optional video optical extensometers with high resolution, high accuracy and fast image acquisition speed, which can greatly facilitate and improve the work efficiency Selection of fixture: a successful clamping solution requires that the specimen will not slide and will not cause fracture of the clip for maintenance and analysis. High tech products are also coming

with the perfect combination of instruments and computers, in order to better meet people's satisfaction with the spiritual world and experience the pleasure brought by many worlds, the virtualization of instruments and meters began to develop. It is to accept objective objects personally, which adds a trace of creativity to beauty

for the overall trend of the instrument industry in 2011, the attitude of relevant experts is "cautiously optimistic" -- the growth rate of production and marketing profits will be significantly lower than that in 2010 due to macroeconomic changes, with the growth rate from high to low; Previously, the profit growth has been higher than the production and sales growth, and it is estimated that 2011 will return to normal. "One thing to note is that the gap between enterprises will be significantly widened."

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