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General rules and requirements for the functional design of anti-counterfeiting labels

anti counterfeiting labels usually exist in the form of self-adhesive labels. At present, they have been widely used in all walks of life, such as the product itself, the primary packaging of the product, the secondary packaging of the product, and even on the contents of the package. As labels with independent or comprehensive functions, anti-counterfeiting labels have developed into an independent industry category, ranging from comprehensive anti-counterfeiting sticker type self-adhesive visa with high safety to waterproof warning and warranty labels with single function, all require certain anti-counterfeiting, anti stripping, safety management and other functions, and this series of technical characteristics of anti-counterfeiting labels have formed general rules and requirements for label design

overall design of anti-counterfeiting labels

first, the design director of anti-counterfeiting labels should conceive the anti-counterfeiting label samples with sketches, and then discuss with relevant experts from various aspects to elaborate their own views, so as to obtain a mature and technically feasible production scheme, including safety design, layout design, material design, anti-counterfeiting design, text design, logo design, etc

as an anti-counterfeiting label, its basic design principle is the same as that of high security products such as banknotes, that is, "beauty is optional, and safety is necessary"

at the same time, it is worth noting that the cost of anti-counterfeiting labels should meet the requirements of security and anti-counterfeiting level and printing standards. Here, the general relationship between price and risk is no longer applicable, and safety should be the primary consideration. Therefore, when customers accept labels, the anti-counterfeiting technology of labels should be the primary factor of acceptance, which is also the difference between anti-counterfeiting label products and other printed products. Moreover, anti-counterfeiting technology is a dynamic and developing high-tech comprehensive technology category. To some extent, once its technical standards are upgraded to industry or national standards and fixed, that is, the end of the anti-counterfeiting technology. Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting technology selected by the anti-counterfeiting label should be progressiveness and exclusive

in addition, anti-counterfeiting designers should pay enough attention to the trend of counterfeiting, "one foot higher, one foot higher", in order to make anti-counterfeiting products relatively safe, and designers have an important responsibility to design and produce products as safe as possible

1. Anti counterfeiting label design elements

in addition to the characteristics of general commodity labels, anti-counterfeiting labels must also contain many special elements:

① in a limited space, necessary words should be included

② various features designed to prevent forgery should be included

③ use as many processes as possible in a narrow space

④ try to consider many problems faced by customers, such as counterfeiting and fleeing

⑤ try to reduce the production and management difficulties caused by customers' use of anti-counterfeit labels, even the cost expenditure

2. Anti counterfeiting label function design

each label is an independent and complete design work, not just a simple stack of different technologies and design methods. It is jointly completed by the expert design working group of raw materials, anti-counterfeiting technology, printing process, ink and so on. It is definitely not a personal achievement. Although we can't stop counterfeiting, if we adopt high technology that is difficult to imitate and publicize the knowledge of identifying genuine and fake products to consumers, we can curb counterfeiting. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting labels should abide by certain design principles:

① choose a special design that can see obvious differences even if it is copied

② choose a production method that is difficult to forge and expensive to invest

③ make full use of the methods that consumers have mastered or are easy to learn to identify the authenticity to improve the anti-counterfeiting design

therefore, the following main functional designs are often used in the design of anti-counterfeiting labels to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting

1) label shading design

① the anti-counterfeiting lines and patterns used in labels with anti-counterfeiting shading design have changes in length, position, density, thickness, color and so on, which are almost difficult to imitate

② it is convenient to distinguish. Genuine and fake products can be identified immediately by visual inspection or magnifying glass

③ prevent scanning and printing. All lines of the precision shading original are composed of solid lines, while the imitations scanned by the scanner for color separation and four-color printing are lines composed of dots, which can be seen at a glance

④ it is almost impossible to make patterns composed of complex lines by hand

⑤ highlight anti-counterfeit, beautiful and eye-catching. Due to the particularity of the design, consumers feel that the label on the package is different from others at the first sight, and have a sense of purchase security

⑥ a variety of anti-counterfeiting designs are integrated, and the manufacturer can effectively check the counterfeits. The change of anti-counterfeiting lines of precision shading can be regular or irregular. It is not only necessary to effectively prevent counterfeiting with a variety of anti-counterfeiting combination technologies, but also requires that the verification is easy. Moreover, in different areas, the change of lines has its own characteristics

2) anti uncovering function design

① use anti uncovering indentation Technology: through corresponding technical treatment, the label has mechanical characteristics in different directions, which is very easy to be damaged when uncovering

② use anti uncovering raw materials as the carrier of labels, such as fragile paper materials, uncovering and displaying raw materials, foam anti uncovering raw materials, etc. The selection of these materials should be analyzed and used according to the different subject matter

3) anti fleeing function design

if the customer has this requirement, the name of the distribution region, the regional management code, the anti-counterfeiting code, and even the identification query and other information may be printed on the label

4) anti scanning copy function set constant speed control range: 0.05% ⑴ 00% FS meter

① select special paper, such as watermark paper, fiber paper, paper with safety line, etc

② select special inks, such as light variable ink, pearlescent ink, photosensitive ink, water sensitive ink, thermal ink, infrared ink, UV ink, magnetic ink, etc

③ use special printing processes, such as gravure printing, embossing, holographic hot stamping, hot stamping, refractive processing, etc

④ use special designs, such as safe shading design, disturbing invisible graphic design, printmaking design and other high security designs

a perfect label design should also include the designer's supervision and timely modification of the actual printing effect to ensure the realization of the function of anti-counterfeiting labels, which is also one of the differences between anti-counterfeiting label design and ordinary label design

commonly used anti-counterfeiting labels

at present, there are more than a dozen types of commonly used anti-counterfeiting labels for packaging, such as anti stripping seals (mouth), anti-counterfeiting mark labels, anti stripping labels, fragile paper labels, laser holographic labels, and laser holographic destructive labels. The font anti-counterfeiting polyester film label, transparent and easy to use two directions as the starting point for research and development, invented PVC font anti uncovering universal label, comprehensive anti-counterfeiting anti uncovering indentation paper label, product code information label, product code scratch label, foam film label, bar code technology label and other personalized labels

1. anti uncovering seal

anti uncovering seal is an uncovering adhesive anti-counterfeiting seal with a base material as a plastic film. Before uncovering, it is a colored wordless adhesive plastic strip; After being lifted, you can see obvious colored handwriting on the paper, such as "the seal has expired 0pened". Correspondingly, you can see obvious colorless handwriting on the plastic strip. It has the characteristics of being damaged immediately after being exposed, being found immediately after being damaged, being able to know the authenticity immediately, and being non reusable. It is mostly used in anti-counterfeiting envelopes, electrical appliance warranty labels and other fields

2. Fragile paper labels

are made of special fragile paper or fragile self-adhesive materials. Trademarks, text instructions and bar codes can be printed on them, which cannot be completely lifted up after being pasted on the package. Once lifted, the paper will break up

3. Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and anti stripping indentation paper label

the self-adhesive paper label made by using a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies can strengthen the anti-counterfeiting function. In order to prevent the label from being lifted, replaced and reused, the die-cutting indentation technology can be used to prevent the label from being lifted locally, which cannot be restored after being lifted

4. bar code technology label

bar code is a kind of code of commodities, which is designed by people in order to use computers to tell you what matters should be paid attention to in the actual operation process of hydraulic universal experimental machine. At present, there are many kinds of bar codes used, including one-dimensional bar codes and two-dimensional bar codes

the ingenious application of bar code technology in anti-counterfeiting packaging and commodity labels can not only promote its better and faster promotion and application, but also achieve the purpose of preventing famous and high-quality commodities from being counterfeited and protecting the interests of consumers

5。 Laser holographic image label

the application of laser holographic image technology in anti-counterfeiting packaging is mainly to print anti-counterfeiting labels and trademarks. The factors that affect the anti-counterfeiting performance of laser holographic labels are mainly the types of labels and the use position of labels. The types of laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting labels are as follows

① self adhesive type

holographic anti-counterfeiting graphics and texts are made on self-adhesive materials, which do not need to brush any adhesive when used, and have good adaptability to machinery. Its biggest disadvantage is that it can be used repeatedly, so that some outlaws can use the old packaging and labels to make fake, which affects the anti-counterfeiting effect of anti-counterfeiting labels,

② anti uncovering

anti uncovering labels make up for the shortcomings of ordinary self-adhesive labels. When the labels are removed from the packaging, the holograms on the labels are beyond recognition and cannot be used again at all, which can curb the use of old labels to make fake

③ hot stamping type

hot stamping type is a holographic anti-counterfeiting label that cannot be removed at all. It uses a bronzing machine to hot stamp the holographic anti-counterfeiting label on the packaging material, which is integrated with the packaging material. If the hot stamping position can be reasonably selected, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be better than the above two types

6. font anti-counterfeiting polyester film label

this label is an aluminum foil wordless self-adhesive strip before lifting, and obvious colored handwriting can be seen on the label paper and packaging materials after lifting

7。 Transparent PVC font anti lift universal label

before lifting, it is a white wordless self-adhesive film label. After lifting, obvious colored handwriting can be seen on the label and packaging materials

8. Transparent PVC anti-counterfeiting label

add a transparent excitation introduction optical holographic film with personalized information on the self-adhesive label or other documents, which not only does not affect the overall design and the original effect, but also increases the anti-counterfeiting function, making the label personalized

9. foam film label

foam film label is a unique semi gloss white film, which is composed of two layers of polystyrene film. The surface layer is transparent film, suitable for printing; The lower layer is puffed white foam film. Using permanent acrylic adhesive, it has excellent high viscosity performance on many substrates

foam film label has good security and anti-counterfeiting effect. When the label is stuck to the substrate and then lifted, the two layers of film will separate, that is, the label is torn, indicating that the product package has been disassembled; And the remnants of the foam layer will be left on the package, which is very

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