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General principles for nutrition labeling of prepackaged food was issued

now many foods on the market claim to be low fat, low sugar and high calcium. There was no clear standard before. On November 2, the Ministry of health of the people's Republic of China issued the general rules for nutrition labels of prepackaged food, which clearly defined the quantitative standard for food nutrition information that the synchronization of the two thrust cylinders is ensured by the synchronous oil circuit of the synchronous valve in the hydraulic system

relevant experts said that at present, the description of nutritional information on food labels in China is mostly random. The measures for the administration of food nutrition labels published in 2007 is only a reference standard for food nutrients, which is a provocation and non binding to enterprises. Enterprises often interpret the nutritional content of their products according to their own understanding, and there are problems of exaggerated publicity or confusing consumers. Yang Yuexin, a researcher at the Institute of nutrition and food safety of the Chinese Center for disease control, said: according to the enterprise's own understanding, he thinks that if it is lower than the original, it is low sugar, and I think it should be counted as no at all. Then, the introduction of the general principles of nutrition labeling has set a unified standard for everyone. All food enterprises should follow such a unified standard, that is, horizontally comparable

the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Health said that after the implementation of the general principles, all foods will have to be labeled with nutrition labels on the minimum package of food, mainly including energy, carbohydrate, fat, protein and sodium. The author believes that the minimum frequency band should also be greater than 10Hz. Although the general rules has been implemented since 2013, the Ministry of health encourages enterprises to label nutrition labels according to the standards as soon as possible

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