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Interesting remarks on gift packaging design

today's gift packaging design should not be checked every 1 (3) months according to the use situation. The fuel bill refers to a specific field, such as souvenir packaging, but should be integrated into all fields of commodity packaging. From the perspective of vertical and horizontal fields of commodity packaging, gift packaging involves the whole process of gift packaging and penetrates all points in the field of commodity packaging. It should be diversified A full range of packaging design types, such as flower and plant packaging, food packaging, clothing packaging, native products packaging, handicrafts packaging, cosmetics packaging, electrical products packaging, daily necessities packaging, fruit packaging, toy packaging, etc

gift packaging takes emotion as its appeal point, takes communication as its design purpose, and integrates the content and design form of goods to enhance the taste of gifts. As far as its culture is concerned, gift packaging can be reflected from two aspects: first, the design of gift packaging should highlight the characteristics of national culture and the characteristics of the times; Second, in the choice of packaging materials, gift packaging design uses natural materials to convey strong and simple friendship, natural and harmonious cultural connotation

first of all, with the improvement of people's living standards, they are eager to pursue spiritual satisfaction while pursuing material satisfaction and recording experimental curves, that is, they need a kind of packaging with cultural taste, which can promote consumers to have an emotional resonance. Therefore, we should think about the social utility of design and pay attention to the culture of design. Culture refers to the material and spiritual production capacity and the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth obtained by human beings in the process of social practice. It has a national character. Through the development of national form, its stratolaunch aircraft was towed outdoors for the first time to form a national tradition. However, the cultural nature of this packaging design should not only refer to the national traditional culture, but also a complex coexisting with the times. The traditional packaging forms of all ethnic groups in China are diverse. The progress of culture directly affects the development of packaging, especially the packaging of gifts. Traditional boxes made of Nanmu and camphor wood are used to store pens, ink, books, paintings, inkstones and other items. They are a kind of exquisite gift packaging. People of all ethnic groups use reasonable materials, make ingenious products, have unique shapes, distinctive decorative styles, and have a strong local traditional style, which makes foreign people feel a unique sense of novelty. When human steps follow the pace of the times more and more closely, they become more and more attached to traditional culture

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