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Virtual reality interaction and breakthrough in book design content abstract: the so-called virtual reality refers to the interdependent relationship between the graphics reproduced in the picture and the hidden virtual form. Although the book is small, it has all kinds of internal organs. It is particularly important for governments at all levels to show great interest in graphene in the design of the collocation of virtual and real relations and the treatment of space size. At the same time, designers should also consider the originality and breakthrough of design works in the design, and constantly improve the aesthetic function and cultural taste of book design

key words: breakthrough in book design virtual and real

the so-called virtual and real refers to the interdependent relationship between the graphics reproduced in the picture and the hidden virtual form. They set off each other and blend into the picture. Black and white contrast with each other. They use the virtual to set off the real, use the light to float the dark, use the air to bring potential, use the concrete to melt the abstract, and complement each other to present a colorful picture

for artists, art does not blindly express what they see. The most important thing is to express their sense of nothingness. When imagination and inspiration follow, through a deep understanding of the connotation of the work and the mutual integration and collocation of the relationship between the virtual and the real, their own artistic cultivation will have a free space to play. They will have an imagination of the work and stimulate a desire. Through the organic combination of points, lines and surfaces, It makes the work produce a kind of shock, and finally reaches a new and personalized picture that the value of waste pulp made in overseas bases of other countries is becoming more and more prominent. "Architecture experts introduced

book design also contains various concepts of art. Although the book is small, it has all the five internal organs. The collocation of virtual and real relations and the treatment of space size are particularly important in the design. A good book must have a good binding design. The binding design covers everything, including the cover, cover, spine, lip, ring lining, title page, layout, eyebrow and so on. Each part contains the collocation of the relationship between the virtual and the real, which is an indispensable organism in the overall book design. Take the cover as an example. It is the most important thing in a book. It should not only integrate the designer's design concept and creative thinking, but also require the designers to have subconscious thinking, and use those invisible shapes to set off specific images, so that readers can be aware of and appreciate the shapes of images beyond the shapes. As Mr. Qi Baishi said, "the beauty of painting is between similarity and dissimilarity". We should follow this idea when creating and designing. We should start from the content of books, pay attention to the beauty of form, but not form for form. We should be good at using and guessing the emptiness and reality of the picture, and use the principle of "white as black", skillfully make an article on the interactive relationship between point, line and surface, so as to create and design unique works. In the design of books, we should also emphasize the design of the spine. Although it occupies a gap in a book, it plays the role of the finishing touch. The contents it covers include the title, author, publishing house and decorative patterns. This requires us to consider the collocation of font space, color block graphics and the collocation of virtual and real size in the design. If the design is not particular, the arrangement is not careful and the deliberation is not serious, That will lead to the consequences of splitting the overall cover. The subtlety of design will naturally give people a refreshing feeling if the interaction between reality and reality and black and white is properly handled

the design of the ring lined title page belongs to the gentle step part in the overall book design, so it will be transferred to the text. During the design, a harmonious unity should be achieved in the overall relationship between the virtual and the real, giving the reader a transition to the text easily. The picture should be elegant and quiet, and the color should not be strongly contrasted, but should be exquisite and lingering. In addition, the design of the eyebrow, the arrangement of page numbers, and the insertion of graphics should take into account the relationship between virtual reality and reality in every link. Chinese painting stresses "cherish paper as gold, cherish ink as gold "In the design, we should also pay great attention to how to skillfully use the space, know how to cherish the space of the cover, and avoid blindly pursuing the so-called richness, which gives people a sense of disorder and confusion, and affects the readers' appreciation and reading. Therefore, the designer must carefully consider and study the size of the font size, the arrangement between the lines, the comparison of large and small plates, and the thick and thin and dense treatment of the lines, so as to make sure that there is truth in his heart, You can see Kung Fu in small places

at present, China's book binding industry is developing rapidly, and the level of book design and paper printing is constantly improving. The overall design of books has become an important play in today's book publishing industry, and the overall planning, overall packaging and overall marketing of books have become the fashion today. Therefore, the designer should not only consider the relationship between reality and reality, but also consider the originality and breakthrough of the design works. The so-called breakthrough refers to the fission of people's thinking concept, ideology and spiritual category. However, at present, in some book exhibitions and trade fairs, we often find that some book designs lack a sense of integrity and originality in this regard, and lack the due cultural taste, which is manifested in disorder, complexity and vulgar style. The text is arranged for form, lacking consideration of readers' reading requirements, and sometimes densely packed with fonts; Sometimes empty, so that readers can not find a clue. This is actually caused by the superficiality of the design language. Without studying and deliberating on the virtual reality and black-and-white space of the picture, there is no way to talk about the formal beauty of the surface, and it is even more difficult to talk about it in depth

breakthrough includes breakthrough in form, concept and aesthetics. The so-called breakthrough in form means the breakthrough in point, line and surface, the breakthrough in the rigid picture pattern, the breakthrough in the so-called reasonable arrangement, the search for the beauty of rhythm in the overall framework, the display of personal imagination space, the bold use of the interaction between reality and reality and the relationship between black and white, and the exploration of the condensation of points, the density of lines and the spatial comparison of surfaces with the law of form beauty, so as to achieve the overall shock

the breakthrough of the concept is to break through the previous thinking mode. The formation of this mode is caused by the long-term accumulation. It not only imperceptibly affects people's innovative thinking, but also constrains people's potential innovative thinking. Kafka once said, "artists try to give people another look in order to change the reality in this way." Therefore, modern designers should open their minds, absorb traditional benign factors, boldly learn and adopt modern design concepts, and constantly improve the aesthetic function and cultural taste of book design with new perspectives, new concepts and new design methods

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