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The "trans provincial dumping" of chemical wastes exposes a shocking black interest chain pollution.

hazardous wastes from a chemical enterprise in Jiangsu are transported to the rural areas of Anhui for dumping. The pollution is shocking.

the pungent smell can be smelled more than ten meters away. Black liquid flows out of broken barrels, and the contaminated soil is filled with more than 1700 woven bags, weighing 80 tons; The highly toxic and carcinogenic chemical wastes are dumped on the river slope at will, which may cause serious pollution to a large area of water at any time...

the recent dumping of hazardous chemical wastes in two counties of Anhui Province is shocking. Why would hazardous wastes with strong toxicity, corrosivity and infectivity be dumped wantonly when they should be treated innocuously according to the provisions of the environmental protection law

"polluted" suddenly

in December, 2011, villagers in Fengqiao village, Jiucheng Town, Lixin County, Bozhou City, Anhui province continuously smelled the pungent smell. "On a cold day, where does it come from?" Finally, the villagers finally found the culprit in the abandoned brick kiln factory: a pile of iron buckets with unknown liquid

there is a ditch near the location where the iron bucket is buried, and it connects the field and the village. It is usually used for crop irrigation. Villagers nearby are very worried about groundwater pollution

the local villagers told that after finding the iron bucket, they immediately reported it to the Environmental Protection Bureau of Lixin County, and the staff of the environmental protection department also came to the scene. "On the day I received the report, I rushed to the dumping site and found more than 70 iron drums containing dangerous chemicals. The smell was pungent and could be smelled from afar." Liu Yan, deputy investigator of the Environmental Supervision Bureau of the environmental protection department of Anhui Province, told me

according to the test results of Anhui Environmental Protection Department, these dumped hazardous chemicals contain dichlorobenzene, benzene, copper, etc., which are toxic and harmful to human body if inhaled or contacted with skin. After measurement, the weight of contaminated soil in Lixin County alone reached 80 tons

at the Xiangyang River in Woyang County, Bozhou City, the environmental protection department also found dozens of iron buckets containing hazardous wastes along the river. The dumped yellow chemical wastes were less than one meter away from the river. The water surface was covered with thick white foam at the end of June this year

"Lixin County Government and the environmental protection department immediately organized personnel to excavate and clean up the underground hazardous chemicals, and the contaminated soil was also loaded into bags and transported away. At present, all hazardous wastes and contaminated soil have been loaded and transported to Chuzhou for harmless treatment, and the potential environmental hazards have been basically eliminated." Liu Yan told me

"there are 7 persons involved in the illegal dumping of hazardous wastes, 6 of whom have been arrested, and one major suspect is still at large." Hanbing, leader of the Supervision Detachment of Bozhou Environmental Protection Bureau, told me

According to sunyafeng, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Lixin County, according to the suspect's confession, about 22 tons of waste were dumped into Lixin and Woyang counties. This batch of hazardous waste was pulled out from an enterprise producing chemical raw materials in the development zone by suspect Bian and his partner Liang, who lives in Dafeng City, Jiangsu Province, and received a treatment fee of 700 yuan per ton from the enterprise. Then, at the treatment price of 400 yuan per ton, the hazardous waste was transferred to Qiu, a suspect working in Jiangsu Province in Woyang County, who was responsible for transportation and landfill

Qiu is a native of Woyang County, Anhui Province. He has been engaged in the purchase of waste products for many years. After negotiating the price with Bian and Liang, he made a special trip back to Woyang county to receive this batch of chemical wastes by taking advantage of his familiar convenience. The waste was transported to the junction of Woyang county and Lixin County. Qiu also found local villagers, and some chemical wastes were dumped in the ditch next to the kiln. Qiu and others made a profit of more than 9000 yuan

"if this batch of waste is treated innocuously in Jiangsu Province, the cost will be more than 100000 yuan. However, Bian and others will pay Qiu more than 9000 yuan for treatment. With transportation costs, the total cost is only 10000 yuan. There is a great gap between the two." Liuziya, deputy leader of the public security brigade of Lixin County Public Security Bureau, told me. "The storage, transportation and treatment of chemical wastes may cause the seal ring to become invalid after working for too long, resulting in serious oil leakage of the oil cylinder. There must be a nationally recognized qualification certificate. However, the suspect turned a deaf ear to the relevant provisions, not only did he have no qualification, but the handover of hazardous wastes was extremely random."

in this incident in Lixin County and the trans provincial dumping of chemical wastes and other pollution incidents in 2009, there are black interest chains with secret operations and detailed division of labor. According to sunyafeng, there are often four or five links between such criminal acts from enterprises to the downline of dumping chemical wastes in rural areas. Money is remitted through bank accounts, and the operation is secret. Some enterprises, knowing the danger of waste, still sign hazardous waste treatment contracts with the offline. Some of the second-line middlemen who take over waste from enterprises also own oneortwo self registered chemical waste treatment companies. Under the guise of harmless treatment, they cheat the state subsidies while transferring the waste that should have been treated harmlessly to the offline. After taking over the hazardous wastes, the third and fourth tier intermediaries will transfer them to migrant workers at a lower price and transport the wastes to remote rural areas

in the process of investigating the case, the police found that such a benefit chain is closely related to the industrial cluster of chemical enterprises, and it tends to shift with the migration of the industrial cluster of chemical enterprises

according to Huang Jianshu, director of Anhui Environmental Supervision Bureau, from a nationwide perspective, the transboundary dumping of chemical wastes has become a frequent environmental pollution emergency. In 2009, 2010 and 2011, the environmental protection department of Anhui Province found nearly ten pollution incidents of hazardous waste dumping across provinces. Most of these chemical wastes were listed in the national hazardous waste catalogue. "The cost of harmless treatment of a ton of hazardous waste should be at least 3000 yuan. In underground transactions, the online price is only 100 yuan or even dozens of yuan per ton, which can be described as windfall profits."

Huang Jianshu said that Wang, a villager in Fengqiao, who was on the interest chain of the hazardous waste pollution incident in Lixin County, took it for granted that hazardous waste was dumped at will as ordinary garbage. For personal petty profits, he not only polluted the soil and water sources that he has survived for generations, but also may have to bear criminal responsibility for this. "Increasing environmental protection publicity in rural areas and enhancing farmers' awareness that the column of ring gantry mechanism is z-axis protection are important links to curb the wanton dumping of hazardous wastes."

"each illegal dumping and burying of hazardous wastes is equivalent to burying an 'ecological bomb' in the local area." Huangjialiang, an associate researcher at Renmin University of China, said that the damage caused by hazardous wastes to the ecological environment and human health may not be eliminated for a long time

according to experts' analysis, compared with the speed at which some places are launching chemical projects, the utilization and disposal capacity of hazardous wastes is far from meeting the requirements. There are a large number of enterprises without business qualifications, and illegal business activities are rampant. Some enterprises are mercenary, ignore the legal provisions, and do not regulate the disposal of hazardous wastes

in view of the frequent pollution incidents caused by transboundary dumping of hazardous wastes, experts suggest that first of all, the environmental access of new projects should be strictly enforced, and special attention should be paid to reviewing the generation, utilization and disposal of hazardous wastes. Secondly, strengthen environmental supervision and environmental information disclosure of hazardous wastes, such as publishing relevant information of key hazardous waste production, transportation and operation enterprises within the jurisdiction, and key enterprises should release their annual environmental reports to the society. Third, it is suggested to carry out a nationwide inspection on the illegal dumping of chemical wastes, establish a lifelong accountability system in which the pollution intensity of hazardous wastes is 30% higher than that of traditional materials, and strengthen the implementation of environmental protection regulations such as the solid waste law. Enterprises and individuals that maliciously dump hazardous wastes will be severely punished and investigated

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