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As the first gateway of the home environment, doors and windows should not only complement the overall decoration style of the room, but also need strong performance to create the most comfortable home environment for residents

as the first gateway of the home environment, doors and windows should not only complement the overall decoration style of the room, but also need strong performance to create the most comfortable home environment for residents. The push-pull glass doors and windows can make the room look more light. At the same time, residents can also enjoy the sunshine and scenery outside the door and window. This time, Huiya Xiaobian came to Zijia doors and windows, experienced these two sliding doors and windows, and explained in detail the reasons why these two products became popular in the market

mingjue sliding door:

as soon as I stepped into the exhibition hall and looked around, Xiaobian was attracted by this sliding door. The design is simple, but it reveals a style of everyone everywhere. It is understood that this mingjue sliding door was launched at the end of last year. It can be selected according to the needs of consumers. Since its launch, it has become a popular model in the market, and its high cost performance is deeply favored by consumers ~

this product is widely used in balcony doors. It adopts a three leaf design as a whole. The long and wide glass instantly improves the transparent and bright lighting effect in the room, and the overall vision is also broader, You can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery outside the door

the aluminum material is wrapped in red gold wire, and the surface is sprayed with fluorocarbon. The paint surface of the product is uniform and full, and the texture is clear. The surface is gently rubbed, and the feel is very smooth and delicate

fluorocarbon spraying is a high-grade spraying process. Its fading resistance, frost resistance, oxidation resistance, sun resistance and other properties are very excellent. It can easily cope with the wind, sun and rain, and its durability can be as long as 20 years

during the Mid Autumn Festival, Xiamen was hit by a typhoon. The balcony door glass of a community was seriously broken, and the indoor water was also serious. Therefore, the high-quality performance of a balcony door and window was very tested! This sliding door is equipped with 5mm+18a+5mm automobile grade tempered glass, and adopts sealing strips made of EPDM and adjustable locking points. It not only has the effects of sound insulation, heat insulation, water resistance and wind resistance, but also greatly enhances the air tightness, water tightness and tightness of the sliding door

Xiaobian did an experimental test on the spot. The original slightly noisy conversation weakened significantly at the moment of closing the door. Then Xiaobian shook the door leaf with his hand, motionless, which showed that it was very stable. According to Mr. Huang Jiafang, general manager of Zijia doors and windows, this sliding door can effectively prevent typhoons of force 12 and 13. If you install this balcony door, you probably won't have to worry about the typhoon in the future, and you won't have to endure the trouble of outdoor square dance music

to withstand the test of the typhoon, high-quality hardware accessories are also essential! As the name suggests, the feel of sliding door is very important. Whether the sliding door is smooth depends on whether the ground rail is of high quality. The ground rail of this product adopts 304 stainless steel rail, and the pushing and pulling process is very light and smooth. Even children can easily push and pull. Oh ~

the handle is selected from the high-quality hardware brand - Haobo, with simple streamlined design. The small editor holds it gently, and the arc is close to the palm of the hand, with excellent hand feeling; The golden hue of the handle also complements the color of the sliding door. The blending of the two highlights the distinctive dignity of this sliding door ~ of course, the covering of the handle and the sliding door is available in multiple colors. Oh ~

because it is a balcony door, it is natural to choose a high rail design, which is higher than the ground level to prevent rainwater from pouring into the house. In case the rainwater accidentally enters the track, don't worry, The intimate drain design gives you a layer of care. Double protection, showing considerate care ~

the problem of easy crash during the sliding and sliding door has worried many consumers, and the specially added anti-collision glue design can effectively avoid this kind of problem, and the small details add a lot of points to the product ~

at first, the small editor thought that the above was also anti-collision glue, but in fact it was not. According to president Huang, this was anti-theft glue. When the sliding door was closed, It can strengthen the tightness between the door leaf and the door frame, and also play the role of anti-theft and anti prying. Its high-quality performance is icing on the cake with care in details. ~

sliding window:

doors and windows, as an important part of the building envelope system, often mention that doors must have windows. High quality doors and windows, as the reassuring protection and guarantee of the room, can also add a quiet and comfortable environment to the room

Zijia's sliding window is a new product launched at the beginning of this year. It is also a popular model in the market, and the product is targeted at high-end customers. At a glance, the arc-shaped window sash design above makes people feel a strong Western architectural style. The selection of noble white colors also highlights the noble atmosphere of residents. Of course, as a customizable product, there are seven or eight aluminum alloy coating colors to choose. Oh ~

this sliding window is the same as the sliding door in front in material selection, hardware accessories, manufacturing process, etc., and the materials are very solid, with a thickness of 1.7mm aluminum, durable; Double layer 5cm automobile grade tempered glass, sound insulation and heat insulation; 304 stainless steel mesh, anti-theft and anti mosquito; Haobo word lock, easy to use; 304 stainless steel track, smooth push and pull; Fluorocarbon spraying process, sun resistance and oxidation resistance. Such a "luxurious" configuration is suitable for twenty or thirty years

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