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Now there are so many selling tricks for folding doors, but the reason why they don't lead to spending interest is that most folding door manufacturers only hype the concept and blindly make shopping quotations, which makes the profits of folding doors thinner and thinner, and the shopping malls more and more chaotic. In the future development, what needs to be strengthened is the competitiveness of the manufacturer center. We should carefully examine the shortcomings of folding door manufacturers in promotion and management, and try our best to rectify

first of all, let's talk about the current situation of excessive promotion and proliferation of promotions in folding door shopping malls. Originally, just visit a few building materials malls at will, and it is not difficult to find that many businesses are engaged in activities, and even some folding door stores have small activities once a week and large activities once a month. The reason for over promotion is that in today's folding door shopping malls, consumers have too many choices, and folding door merchants have to do everything they can to attract purchases

but the real competition should be to create high-quality, high-value, high-tech differentiated folding door products to enhance the competitiveness of shopping malls. Folding door manufacturers should pay attention to the product innovation and development ability of manufacturers. As the imitation ability of folding door shopping malls is particularly strong, manufacturers should also take protective measures, change the form of new commodity development, form a protective barrier for the birth of commodities, and strive to strengthen the appeal of shopping malls

secondly, let's take a look. Now many folding door manufacturers patronize the commodity quotation, but neglect the value and quality. Now in the market, there are indeed some small folding door factories, in order to grab market share, who are willing to take the risk of "low price" production and lure consumers who love "people-friendly quotation" with the value of "sacrificing quality"

Guanhao doors and windows believes that folding door manufacturers should not take the road of "quotation". The value of the brand lies in the guarantee of quality. As long as the commodity value is truly reflected, it can truly attract consumers. Folding door factory should achieve "every penny counts"




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